Jan. 3rd, 2009

ringlunatic: (Who!I wish...)
I am refreshing my f-list like a maniac to find out who the next Doctor is going to be.

Life? What do you mean???

ETA: He's 26? What the hell? That's a bit young, isn't it?

ETA2: Anyone on my f-list who wants this behind a cut? Cause now it's still the time to say so Too late, sorry :(

ETA3: Who else thinks Matt Smith? This really means I have to see History Boys now, doesn't it? Oh wait, he wasn't in the movie one. Still have to see it, though ;)

ETA4: "11 looks old, but is young"? WTF?

ETA5: And it's Matt Smith. He looks a bit young, but I really like that he's unknown and hasn't done much in television (plus, it will be easy to catch up on everything he's done ;)). He seems a bit young, though, but I'm not going to moan about this casting yet. I want to see him moving and talking and acting like the Doctor before I'll have an opinion on this.

ETA6: Oh God... are we now going to get a gazillion 11=Matt Smith posts in every Who related community? The answer is going to be yes, isn't it? For fucks sake people! If it's your personal journal by all means post, but if it's already in the community: DON'T ADD THE SAME DAMN THING.

ETA7: I can't be the only one amused with the fact that there will be yet another "Smith" in the TARDIS, right?

ETA8: Not gonna lie, this is a good picture:

ETA8: made an icon for those who want it. Credit is nice :)


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