Apr. 23rd, 2009

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I have the most boring and brain numbing class today, WHILE THERE IS SNOOKER ON. And not "just" snooker, but Higgins vs. Holt and Hendry vs. Ding! WHYYYY!?!?!

I really don't like the class. The final assignment is amazing, and I really love working on that, but the class itself? URGH! The teacher is just horrid, he does things with chairs that I'm sure are forbidden in some countries, he keeps asking us things, doesn't get an answer and then says "well, you couldn't have known that anyway", and the list goes on.

As if today isn't already hard enough with Lost and a morning session of snooker!
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Snooker is strange today. I couldn't watch the afternoon session, but I had my parents all set to watch Higgins vs. Holt, cause it looked like it would be a great match. But Holt apparently did, what he always does aka loose his shit. Poor boy. I'm sure he could be really good, top 16, winning Things, but his head is just totally against him. He should have a chat with Ronnie sometimes.

Hendry vs. Ding however appears to have been amazing. 4-4! I wonder who will win this.

I love Jamie Burnett & Stephen Maguire.

Ronnie is being an idiot. What else is new...

ETA: WTF is Stephen doing with his cue ball?

ETA2: Ronnie is absolutely rubbish. Really, he should be relieved that the worst it can get is 3-5 at this point >:(

ETA3: I must confess that I'm really rather rubbish in the whole left and right thing. I never notice if anyone is left- or right-handed, unless somebody else points it out to me. However, the way Ronnie is currently switching hands while playing is really rather pretty. ♥ 4-4 means that Ronnie is one lucky bastard, though. Against a better man (sorry Allen) it would probably be a lot closer to 1-7/2-6

ETA4: Has Stephen lost the plot? Nevermind. He found it again ;)


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