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Blur have exclusively revealed to NME.COM the band who will be joining them at their reformation shows in Hyde Park this summer.

The band play two giant gigs in London (July 2 and 3) and have hand-picked the bands who will play ahead of them, ensuring that each night will be unique.

July 2 features the following bands:
Foals, Crystal Castles, Friendly Fires and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

July 3 features the following bands:
Vampire Weekend, Amadou & Mariam, Florence And The Machine and Deerhoof


How cool is that? I love Foals! Now I have to check out those other bands as well. EXCITED!
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So, this new series Caprica... can I watch that without being a) spoiled senseless for Battlestar Galactica (I know it takes place 50 years before, but I figured I'd better make sure), and b) needing all the background knowledge of 4 seasons BSG? Cause I've just started watching Battlestar and am at the beginning of season 1. I LOVE it, and therefore I really don't want to be spoiled about anything. (This also makes me stay away from everything BC fandom related. I don't even dare to look for icons, cause I'm sure I will get spoiled that way).

Anyway. So, does anyone know this?

(I just went to the uni library thinking they had books I actually could use, but they all turn out to be useless for my research. Booh!)
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ETA: Apparently it's all Meta-trolling and nothing else. Well done to the trolls!

ETA2: Or maybe not? I give up.

RP [livejournal.com profile] morganmuffle: RP [livejournal.com profile] moony: (Hai there, Twitter speak)

This is in the process of exploding all over the internet, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Amazon thinks you should be protected from certain books.

Another link to several blog posts on the subject.

Bottom line: If a book contains erotica, GLBT, feminist or non-standard sexuality, its sales rank has been pulled by Amazon to "protect" their user base from "adult content." This isn't limited to actual sex scenes in the book; some books are being stripped of their rank simply because they contain mention of alternate sexuality, sex in general, or feature a gay character. It also not limited to fiction, as several non-fiction books, biographies and memoirs have been affected as well.

Titles stripped of their sales rankings include "Bastard Out of Carolina," "Lady Chatterly's Lover," prominent romance novels, GLBTQ fiction novels, YA books, and narratives about gay people.

Also affected: Heather Has Two Mommies (yes, because that's 'adult' content, right thurr), and Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws, because SUICIDE PREVENTION IS OBSCENE WHAT.

Additionally: Dan Savage, Quentin Crisp, Randy Shilts, biographies of Oscar Wilde and Harvey Milk, Stephen Fry's memoir, and Brokeback Mountain.

A complete list of books affected can be found here.

From that post:

If you want to protest to Amazon direct, this is their email addy: connect-help@amazon.com
Other ways to get in touch with them: http://clicheideas.com/amazon.htm

Or write to their CEO:
Jeffrey Bezos. (total annual compensation $81k - irrelevant but interesting). The address is 1200 12th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington 98144-2734, United States Phone: 206-266-1000 Fax: 206-622-2405

Googlebomb link: http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/amazonrank/

Petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/in-protest-at-amazons-new-adult-policy

Spread the word. Use the hashtag #amazonfail on Twitter
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Just to be sure: if somebody spoils Doctor Who for me I will be very annoyed. Won't be able to see it until very late/early morning.
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Time for another useless poll!

As you may have noticed: I'm not going to an awful lot of concerts so far this year. I tried to cut down (due to lack of money), but I really miss it. This year I've only seen one gig so far, but truth to be told I already have a nice list of upcoming gigs (7 gigs from May till September)

Anyway. Who should I go to see? Bat for Lashes and/or Patrick Watson. I've seen both already (Bat for Lashes 3 times as support act for Radiohead (this name should be in sparkles, really, if only I knew how) & Patrick Watson last year as main act) and love both very much. They both visit in May, in the same venue. Help?

ETA: And as [livejournal.com profile] dianora77 pointed out, for the people who don't know them, you can hear their stuff on their MySpace: Patrick Watson and Bat for Lashes

[Poll #1381235]

Also, Blur (and related projects) have sort of eaten my brain, so I wondered if anyone could recommened me some new (and non Blur related ;)) music. This is what I already listen to.

[Poll #1381236]
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So, Matthew Lewis asked on good old Twitter for predictions on the Liverpool/Chelsea match and I TOTALLY called it!

Now if only I had put money on this, cause I probably could have earned quite something. I have no idea how those betting sites work, though, but I imagine that 1-3 wasn't the most logical outcome of this match.

However, instead of money it earned me a shout-out from Neville Longbottom. Which, to be fair, makes my geeky Potter heart rather happy.

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THIS makes me ridiculously happy. Especially since the Blur gig (and the trip to London) are my 'looking forward to to keep me sane' things, during sleepless nights and way too much studying because of all the courses I'm following again. If I learned one important lesson last year, during the Study Year of Way Too Much is that I need something ridiculously awesome to look forward to. Last year it was Florence and Radiohead, this year it's most definitely Blur. YAY!
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Note to self: squee about Blur when you are back home again and able to make screencaps.

(It still hasn't completely entered my brain that I will be seeing them at the beginning of July)
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Behind the cut Doctor Who casting spoiler that everybody probably knows (or hopes), but anyway...

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You guys, this just made me cry like a baby: Ringo Star AND Paul McCartney sharing a stage and singing together ♥♥♥♥

I hope this whole thing will appear online and damn awesome quality at some point
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For the Keane fans on my f-list, who didn't know:

webcast will start in half an hour from now. YAY!

ETA: Can I just say how much I love Keane? They are all kinds of adorable and lovely and the sound really really good. Damn them for going to Pinkpop, instead of doing a stand alone gig in the Netherlands :(
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This is not an April Fools joke (promise!), but really the trailer for the upcoming NEW Doctor Who! YAAAY!

That looks amazing.

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You purchased 1 ticket to:
Hyde Park, London,
Thu 2 Jul 2009, 14:30

Order for: Paulien


(because seriously... I'm SO going to regret it if I don't go)
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Hai there LotR-boys,

Please get a LotR Cast Reunion together soon. No cast is ever as awesome as you lot.

Lots of love,

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Why didn't I know that Primeval and Robin Hood are back on? (The only reason, and really the only reason, I watch Robin Hood is because of the ridiculously awesome and huggable Much. I hope he's in this series a lot.)


I probably should re-watch the season finals of those two, before I watch the new ones, though. I have the memory of a goldfish with all the shows I follow :/


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