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So. Basically. I spent the last couple of days writing a big summary for all the things that need to be read for this exam I have tonight. Two books, one story, two articles and notes from class. I couldn't print it at home, cause I'm out of paper.


My rage: let me show you it.

And Ali Carter has to play Mark J, so one of them is out next round and... :(((((
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Day 4

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.

☼ Snooker. Even when Ronnie is being rubbish
☼ Chopin's nocturnes
☼ Spinvis
☼ Visiting my old highschool and seeing lots of old teachers
☼ This pic (click for bigger):
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Ronnie is loosing like a fool! How can Joe Perry win this thing? He was absolutely rubbish yesterday and was lucky to have made it 5-3 and now it's suddenly 5-7! WTF!?!

And maybe even worse: Matthew isn't doing very great either. BOOH SNOOKER!
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Oh man, to see a 147 'live' happening is such a great thrill. Also, I've sort of embraced the Rusian guy and he was very amusing to listen to, while it was happening.

YAY Ding! Finally some spark back. Loved John's amused grin as well.
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I can't think of many things that are better than being full of glee about snooker and Ronnie especially, who played some gorgeous snooker tonight, while I slowly get my best friend to understand the beauty of this sport (and Sigur Rós)!

And I actually also sort of progressed with reading/summarizing. I'm determined to finish this one tonight!
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The Russian (I think?) snooker commentator is awful. He reminds me an awful lot of this video of Brian Blessed doing snooker commentary, only without being funny (who knows... maybe the guy is absolutely hilarious, but I can't understand a word).

I'm going to keep it on mute, I think. I'll miss the comfortable sounds of the balls on the table, though :(
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As for the snooker:

Ronnie, Matthew AND Dott all won! Plus, Mark J & Hendry are in the lead! YES!

And I just realized that the final is on my birthday. As long as it's not a Smurf/Ebdon final it's going to be great :D
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Ronnie has lost it, hasn't he? But I really like Rory as well. HE'S SO CUTE.

Also, dear f-list, which part of 'please don't spoil Merlin for me' did you not understand? Seriously. I DON'T HAVE THE BBC, PEOPLE! *grumble, grumble*
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I normally don't really do meme's, but this one I really liked so here we go.

Day 1

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.

♫ Snooker started again, and Ronnie has been playing the adorable Rory McLeod. Also, Dott is doing well and so is Matthew, so YAY! (Booh, for Ken, though :/)
♫ Merlin tonight! (Booh, for being the last one)
♫ Drinking hot chocolate milk, sitting in the sun, watching snooker and listening to the Peppers
♫ Getting tickets for a Franz Ferdinand gig in my favourite venue, which was apparently sold out within minutes (LUCKY!)
♫ Reading Oscar Wilde. "Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace." (I need an icon of that quote)
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How painful is snooker to watch at the moment? Seriously. What are they doing? Luckily I don't really care who wins this.

ETA: My parents are watching snooker in the living room and apparently there is a slight 3 seconds or so delay with the livestream. I hear them insulting the tv before it actually happens on my screen. VERY amusing. Wish Higgins hadn't missed, though. They really lack in luck this evening, don't they?

ETA2: Ryan Day has beautiful hands
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Ronnie really should not do interviews, should he? Cause he always says the same thing, while looking uncomfortable. He played really great, though.

Oh God, he's so in love with John Parrot.

ETA: Wait! Did that thing just said that PETER Ebdon once released a single????

ETA2: WAAHAHAHAHAHA! Why? Seriously, Peter, what were you thinking?

(I will have a real illustrate post somewhere today. I've been rather ill for the last 3 (!!!) weeks, so I haven't really been in the mood to do it sooner)
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Owls, mostly.

Birds )

Snooker is painful to watch tonight (WTF is wrong with Ronnie?) and not only because of the way they are playing. My webstream keeps dying on me as well and the livescore isn't working either. BOOOOH!
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Shaun Murphy (Eng) 2-5 Mark Williams (Wal)
Peter Ebdon (Eng) 0-5 Liang Wenbo (Chi)

HEEEEEEE!!! I love snooker.

(I'll stop spamming now, promise)
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There are currently two commercials on the Dutch television, both completely unrelated to each other, that have in some way or form snooker in them.

Is snooker finally taking over the world? Y/N
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Guys, GUYS!


The bastard! I've only seen the last 20 points or so.


They are a ridiculously cute little family. Too bad these computers don't have sound: I'd love to hear what's been said. I'm gonna have to be patient, until I can download it all and watch it full of glee.


And again: please SOMEBODY hug Ali. Seriously. He's too cute to pout this much.

ETA: It was a bit of anti climax final, wasn't it? Mostly they are, though. Nothing can simply beat that fightback!Ken against Mark J. That was easily the most exciting Worlds final in a loooong time. (Okay, since the black ball one, maybe?)

ETA2: How happy does Ronnie look? Awwwww. He's so cute with his kids.

ETA3: Also, who is that adorable old guy? (I really must get back to work)

ETA4: Oh God. I had too much wine. Again. Why do I end up drinking too much wine EVERY evening since I'm in Florence? (I know why. We all have so much fun. You hardly notice you're drinking. It doesn't really make getting up any easier, though)
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How TENSE is this frame between Joe and Ali? They both seem to collapse a bit under pressure.

ETA: ALI WON! How fucking awesome is that? The two 147 men are playing each other in the final! And both really deserved it and as far as I have seen they were indeed the two best of the rest. WEEEE!!!

Now new kind request: a Ronnie/Ali icon? I don't really care what pictures you use, but how can I post about the finale without a fitting icon for the most perfect match EVER (seriously: World Final snooker, 35 frames, two favourite players AND Jan Verhaas is the referee... DUDE)
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Ali has given up, hasn't he? He looks so unhappy :(

Wy does nobody give him a hug?

ETA: THANK GOD. This whole semi-final is slowly going towards a 17-16 scoreline.
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Just an observation:

I'm unable to watch snooker / check scores online = Ronnie playing magical the bastard.

I'm able to watch snooker on the livestream (I am doing that now in the library, while also trying to work on my presentation) = Ronnie makes stupid mistakes the idiot.

The good thing is that Hendry will come closer again, and it will be a bit more exciting.

(btw, if you replace Ronnie with Ali you get the same thing)

ETA: WTF @ Ronnie's fluke. Poor Stephen. COME ON, BOY!

ETA2: Ronnie. Is in the FINAL. Of the WORLD Championship. And I'm in Florence. WHAT HAPPENED? That last frame was insane! Hendry definitely should have won that one.

Also, anyone who can make me a livejournal icon with those pics of Ronnie and Ali when they've just made their 147s and are full of glee and punching the air gets eternal glory and love from my side. And an internet cookie.
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I'm away and snooker has gone all mad. I clearly should make sure to be away next year as well, I can't wait to see it all.

As far as I can gather (and please fill my life with CAPSLOCK!SQUEE):

Ronnie has to play Stephen Hendry in the semi-final: HOW THRILLINGLY AWESOME IS THAT?!?!
Ronnie has made a 147 and is now the only player to make 9 of those in official tournaments.
Ali Carter also made a 147 (his first) and is now the only player who made a second 147 in an official tournament.
Peter Ebdon DIDN'T make a 147. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA! I kept thinking about that quote from Ronnie where he said that he dreamed about Ebdon making a 147 in 5 minutes 19 seconds (as if!).
Ebdon is OUT and Lovely Ali is still in.
Only players I actually like can win the World Title now.


(Florence is still pretty. And awesome. And I might actually squee about that after Sheffield is done and over.)

ETA: Maguire is out... how shocking is that?!?! I was convinced that Maguire would become World Champ! (Not that I'm very good at predicting...). So, Ronnie is going to be world no. 1 now, isn't he?
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I'm in Florence right now. It rained all day, but Oh My God the pretty! Plus, Anne has come to stay for a couple of days as well, so YAY!

The trip to the airport was a bit shit. Our plane was delayed with more than 4 hours and we arrived way past midnight and then still had to get to the place we are staying! So I didn't really have much sleep and a long day walking around in Florence.

When we were waiting I actually managed to watch some snooker, cause the others were waiting in a pub in the airport where they played it! Typically I completely missed Ronnie's 147, but I'm going to YouTube it in a sec ;) I did however notice that when I said I loved snooker two of my group immediately said "How could you? It's so boring!" and then it turned out they didn't even know the rules... WTF!?!

Anyway. I'm off to do some research. And watch Ronnie's 147. The library is heaven here.

ETA: Fucking hell, how pretty was that split from red and pink? That was amazing!


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