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You guys, this just made me cry like a baby: Ringo Star AND Paul McCartney sharing a stage and singing together ♥♥♥♥

I hope this whole thing will appear online and damn awesome quality at some point
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] morganmuffle for helping me to get it! It's so pretty! I've had it for a couple of days now, but life has been too hectic to squee about it until now :D

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Reason #387,892,918 why Radiohead is The Best Thing Ever:

Their drummer Phil can sing and play guitar and sound like Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine!

If this song isn't on the 7 Worlds Collide album there is going to be a pandemonium. Just sayin'.
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Behind the cut:
- my trips to Tuscany, London & Berlin
- the starting a mill-museum project
- concerts (apparently I went to 26 gigs this year)
- meeting friends, graduation and other stuff

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My ridiculous cute dog Abeltje has been hiding away in my parents bedroom, because idiots outside are blowing fireworks to pieces. He has really been hiding, as in: sitting between blankets, boxes and cushions that are on the ground looking adorable. How cute is that?

Here, have another pic of The Cuteness:

(and before you ask: he's actually not a puppy. He's a 'big' 3 year old miniature wired-haired dachshund. Just so you know ;))
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Because every self-respecting music geek does it.

I always find it a bit silly to name one album 'the best album of [insert year]', cause really? Who has heard ALL the albums that were released? Either way, these are my favourite albums of this year. The order can change, but this is how it is today.

The reasons why they are in the list can be different. It can be because the music made me so damn happy, or because it's so beautiful, or I love the style or it gives me such happy memories or whatever.

♫ This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization / It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away ♫
Bon Iver completely stole my heart with his voice and his lyrics. For Emma, Forever Ago is an utterly gorgeous album with just a guy and his guitar, singing with a ridiculous pretty voice. I saw him live twice this year, with a band and the songs are great that way as well. Bon Iver never fails to make me ache with it's beauty.
Highlights: Flume, Skinny Love & Re:Stacks

♫ And it's the fame that put words in her mouth / She couldn't help, but spit them out ♫
I LOVE The Last Shadow Puppets. I like them way better than the Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals and seeing The Rascals live made me realize what a big influence Miles Kane has on this album. Either way, they sound like the love child of Scott Walker.
Highlights: Standing Next To Me, My Mistakes Were Made For You & Black Plant

♫ Spineless dreamers hide in churches ♫
Keane-boys always make me happy. This album is completely different from the others, but it makes me dance and jump and be silly so that's good. I like how it's influenced by Bowie and the Talking Heads, cause you can't really go wrong with that, can you? Tom's voice is as ridiculously pretty as usual, plus they added Jesse Quin as bassist!
Highlights: Better Than This, You Haven't Told Me Anything, Perfect Symmetry & You Don't See Me

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First row at Travis gig, right in between Dougie and Fran. Best spot EVER. Dougie beamed his gorgeous smile at me at some point and I just beamed right back. What a guy. Also, I HAVE HIS GUITAR PICK!

More tomorrow when I have a brain again.

I'm so darn proud of myself today. For people on Twitter (that is SPAM-heaven, really!) old news, but I went from 1,280 of ~5,000 words in the morning to 2,666 words midday, to 3,983 words in an hour to 5,455 as an end result. I'm made of win today
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George Harrison died 7 years ago today. I've been seriously into the Beatles again these days, and it just makes me so sad. He was always my favourite Beatle and not (only) because he was so pretty. I really like a lot of his solo stuff as well.

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from burden

Give me hope
Help me cope
With this heavy load
Trying to touch you, reach you
With heart and soul

My love
Please take holf of my hand
That I might understand you
Won´t you please oh
Won´t you

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Sigur Rós, yesterday. I was way too early and it was cold outside and a spider fell in my book and blah blah blah. Either way: I managed to get right in front, slightly left from Jónsi. I bought myself a t-shirt and then the waiting started. I had a nice chat with the people around me.

The support act was a Icelandic band called For A Minor Reflection and I loved them. Bought their album afterwards and they all signed it for me and were just generally very nice people.

More waiting. And then: SIGUR RÓS.

01 Svefn g englar
02 Ný batterí
03 Fljótavik
04 Við spilum endalaust
05 Hoppípolla
06 Með blóðnasir
07 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
08 E-bow
09 Sæglópur
10 Festival
11 Hafsól
12 Gobbledigook (with the guys from For A Minor Reflection on drums)
13 All alright
14 Popplagið

It was just magical. Jónsi's voice is insane. At the end of Svefn g englar he held this really high note for a really long time. They played Ný batterí, which is my current favourite Sigur Rós song, so ZOMGYESPLEASE! Við spilum endalaust makes me really happy as well.

Hoppípolla getting into Með blóðnasir with the singing was awesome as well. Then the songs that came after this was just one HUGE highlight for me. E-Bow, Sæglópur, Festival (when a girl right behind me fainted. It was ridiculously hot in the venue as long as you weren't first row), Hafsól (which I taped, see behind the cut) and then Gobbledigook, which until then I hadn't really liked live, but I thought it was fantastic when I saw it with my own eyes.

Then the encore. All Alright was magical. Jónsi did something with his hands, while singing, which was one of the most beautiful things ever.

Popplagið blew my mind. SO GOOD. I loved everything about it and then the big confetti canon at end: AWESOMENESS. I've taped this one as well.

So, all in all: what a fantastic gig! I love this band SO much. It felt really surreal to hear such a large about of pretty :D

all my pictures

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Sigur Rós. FIRST ROW. Right in front of Jónsi (=leadsinger). One of the best nights of my life!

More when I don't have to catch a train within 5 minutes (Oops...)
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I don't care everybody and it's grandmother has already posted this, I think it's beautiful and true, so I post it as well.

Keith Olbermann on Prop 8

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THEY PLAYED A BEATLES COVER! Really had to get that out of my system. The Last Shadow Puppets yesterday were incredible! All the hype is definitely deserved.

Alex Turner (from the Arctic Monkeys) was a bit more relaxed than when I saw him with his Monkeys. Still not really a happy, jumpy kind of singer, who is great with talking to crowds, but he said more things this time then last year ;) He seemed to genuinely enjoy himself and you can clearly see that he and Miles are great friends.

Miles Kane (from the Rascals) completely stole my heart. I'm so in love with his skinny legs, his suit, his big smiles and his personality. What a cute guy! Seriously. Also a rather good guitarist if you ask me.

The Last Shadow Puppets were just really good. Miles looked like he belonged in The Beatles and Alex like he was a little Elf with a rockstar attitude. They had a 16 men orchestra behind them, and an amazing drummer. They played their entire album, plus some b-sides and covers (Paris Summer by Nancy Sinatra with the leadsinger from their support-act Ipso Facto, I Want You (She's So Heavy) by The Beatles (!!!!), Heat Of The Morning by David Bowie and Memories by Leonard Cohen). I thought they were amazing. What a great sound! I can only hope those two work together again (and I really need to check out The Rascals now).

The support act was Ipso Facto, and a bit rubbish if you ask me. They just all seemed incredibly bored and forced by gunpoint to be on that stage. Only the drummer was fantastic.

Anyway, setlist:

1. In My Room
2. The Age Of The Understatement
3. Calm Like You
4. Black Plant
5. Gas Dance
6. Only The Truth
7. Paris Summer
8. Seperate And Ever Deadly
9. Hangt The Cyst
10. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
11. My Mistakes Were Made For You
12. I Don’t Like You Anymore
13. The Heat Of The Morning
14. The Chamber
15. Time Has Come Again
16. The Meeting Place

17. Memories
18. Standing Next To Me

all my pics

I have video's from I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Memories and Standing Next To Me Behind the cut )

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I went to see Bon Iver (supported by the Bowerbirds) on Friday evening. As you can tell from the picture Justin, the leadsinger and writer of all the beauty, was right in front of me. Seriously, I was leaning on the side of the stage and that was exactly the spot where he sat down! It was so beautiful! His voice is insanely gorgeous, and they played the entire album, plus a new song and some covers. They ended it all with a cover called Love's for Fools, where Bon Iver and Bowerbirds all sang together. It was stunning.

I saw Bon Iver a couple of months before in the small venue (around 200 people there) and this concert was even better. SO GOOD.

Music makes me so very happy :)
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So. Radiohead.

June 24 )

June 25 )

Tomorrow I'll see them again!!!
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I will have a detailed post with the hows and why's and whens, but till then:


I also met up with [livejournal.com profile] swtcamden, [livejournal.com profile] rainymemories, [livejournal.com profile] pyjamagurl, [livejournal.com profile] mollywobbles31, and [livejournal.com profile] bluecamosis! ♥

And I saw RADIOHEAD. I still don't really believe it. But I have the tickets, bruises, memories and pictures to prove it.

Radiohead. LIVE.

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Last Saturday, when I was still in Florence, some monstrous idiotic excuse for a four-legged barking cuddle-machine (a Berner Mountain dog) attacked MY little, fluffy, adorkable dog. My parents didn't tell, until I arrived back home, but still: awwwwwww! He's only so small (and it was his own stupid fault)! He's going to be okay, though. He's already as stupid as ever.

However, we have to stop him from getting to his wounds and it simply makes me cry with laughter. Exactly how ridiculous is this??? :D

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Thom Yorke sitting next to David Tennant in the Green Room during Jonathan Ross. I'm not sure if I can handle that much awesomeness! It's almost too bad that Radiohead didn't play Up On The Ladder (it starts with the line "I'm stuck in the TARDIS, trapped in hyperspace"), but that more than awesome version of Nude made up for lots.

Also, the faces Thom, David and Catherine pulled during that freaky snake guy interview were priceless (and it amused me to no end that both John Hurt and Phil Selway were wearing pinstriped suits).

And before the world explodes with Doctor Who squee (please, don't spoil me!) I really want to say this: I'm pretty certain I'm going to love Donna. Even when I never really did during the Christmas Special. I think she looks awesome so far and I just can't wait!
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Seriously, how cute is this?
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The last couple of weeks I've been going to some concerts again and before the backlog gets too huge I'm going to squee about them here ;)

Firstly, Babyshambles in Paradiso on February the 18th. No pics or videos from this gig, cause frankly... it was a bit hard to do. I really enjoyed myself. The Shambles sound better on CD, but there performance is as fun and chaotic as you can imagine it to be. Pete Doherty really swaggered on the stage, playing like a madman, singing softly and picking up the huge amount of stuff that was thrown in his general direction. Meanwhile he managed to give away champagne to the first few rows and throw loads of stuff right back into the bounding crowd. It all ended, as you can imagine for a Shambles gig, in a big row between some idiot in the crowd and the guitarist who got soaked in beer or something because of said idiot. Seems almost a perfect ending ;)

I've had to wait to see the Babyshambles for quite some time. I had tickets to see them in October 2006, that gig got postponed until January 2007 and then cancelled. New gig was supposed to be in January 2008, but then got postponed till February. Still. Totally worth it.

Second, Reverend and the Makers. I saw Reverend (or should I just say Jon McClure?) as a support act for the Arctic Monkeys back in December (did I ever mention that I went to see the Monkeys here? They were pretty awesome). I loved their act, bouncy enthusiasm and just plain fun on stage. So yeah, had to see them again in Paradiso at the end of February! Definitely wasn't disappointed. They really know how to get a crowd going and their songs are just so fun! They played a couple of a new songs as well, which sounded promising. It all ended with Jon saying "Well, this is it. I'm going to continue outside" and then he was off, through the crowds to play outside in front of Paradiso! It was amazing! It rained, it was VERY windy and it was cold, but OMG! He played another R&TM song (Miss Brown) and then jammed some Bob Marley. Best was left for last though, HE PLAYED THE BEATLES! Yes! It was just a massive sing-a-long with a slightly annoyed tram, that couldn't get through and police checking out what the hell was going on. But it was simply great!

Video's (from inside though): A new song & Heavyweight Champion of the World

The best of all the gigs I've been to so far was last Thursday, Patrick Watson.

I really can't say enough how utterly awesome Patrick Watson and his band were. It started with the support act, Voicst, who are apparently a very known Dutch band, but I don't know them. Very good acoustic gig. But Patrick Watson blows all the competition right out of the water. His albums are fairytale-like and his performance is basically a fairytale on acid. He takes experimental to a whole new level and his band is so good! They played the weirdest things (from chains and balloons on guitars, through boxes on the drums and God knows what more!) and it sounded magical together. Plus, he played my two absolute favourite songs after each other and I have them on tape! YES! Seriously, check him out! I have some more pictures and two video's behind the cut.

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