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Behind the cut:
- my trips to Tuscany, London & Berlin
- the starting a mill-museum project
- concerts (apparently I went to 26 gigs this year)
- meeting friends, graduation and other stuff

my year in pictures (and some words) )
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I have to give a long presentation in Siena in a couple of hours. I seem to be the only peson from our group who is not nervous. That worries me a bit, actually ;)
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So, about time I have a real post about Florence. I will squee about snooker again when I'm actually able to watch it.

Florence is much, much fun. I'm not *that* fond of the town, but the art in it is rather spectacular. But what amazes me the most is the group of people I'm here with. The thing is, I'm not a people person. I need some alone time and I figured I wouldn't get that much here and it would get on my nerves, etc. I don't have it much here, but I don't mind at all! We all get along like a charm here, and when I hear stories from other years here it's rather amazing that we all get along so well. Other years ended in fights between students and we all just have fun.

It's mostly noticeable in Arjan (the teacher). At the start he was distant and a bit high on his horse and we were all very much annoyed. But he seems to realize how well we all get along and now he's much more normal with us as well. It's really great.

I've seen so much already! I'm having a bit of an information overload. I will have to give a presentation on Friday and so far I've been Miss Pep-talk for other people. I hope they will return the favor, cause I'm getting a bit twitchy about it all.
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Guys, GUYS!


The bastard! I've only seen the last 20 points or so.


They are a ridiculously cute little family. Too bad these computers don't have sound: I'd love to hear what's been said. I'm gonna have to be patient, until I can download it all and watch it full of glee.


And again: please SOMEBODY hug Ali. Seriously. He's too cute to pout this much.

ETA: It was a bit of anti climax final, wasn't it? Mostly they are, though. Nothing can simply beat that fightback!Ken against Mark J. That was easily the most exciting Worlds final in a loooong time. (Okay, since the black ball one, maybe?)

ETA2: How happy does Ronnie look? Awwwww. He's so cute with his kids.

ETA3: Also, who is that adorable old guy? (I really must get back to work)

ETA4: Oh God. I had too much wine. Again. Why do I end up drinking too much wine EVERY evening since I'm in Florence? (I know why. We all have so much fun. You hardly notice you're drinking. It doesn't really make getting up any easier, though)
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Oh man. I just drank one glass of wine and it went straight to my head.

Today was a good day. It all was a bit more calm and quiet than the days before here in Florence. I like Florence, but it's not as beautiful as Rome. And it's so fucking busy everywhere! It keeps reminding me of that scene in Metropolis when all the workmen go to the factory. But we went by train and bus today to visit some little towns nearby and see some villa's, a very beautiful church, a castle and a museum. And we didn't have to run around so much either (Arjan, the teacher, ALWAYS runs. It's ridiculous. And we always complain about it ;)). Basically the only thing about today that I didn't like is that there is gossiping going on at the moment. I HATE THAT. Our group is small (10 people, including the teacher) and we all get along well, but apparently that doesn't stop the gossiping. I've decided not to get involved in that.
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Awwwwww.... my dad just emailed me to tell me that he misses me.


(And just what I needed. I feel a bit blah. Even when I'm in Florence.)
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I'm in Florence right now. It rained all day, but Oh My God the pretty! Plus, Anne has come to stay for a couple of days as well, so YAY!

The trip to the airport was a bit shit. Our plane was delayed with more than 4 hours and we arrived way past midnight and then still had to get to the place we are staying! So I didn't really have much sleep and a long day walking around in Florence.

When we were waiting I actually managed to watch some snooker, cause the others were waiting in a pub in the airport where they played it! Typically I completely missed Ronnie's 147, but I'm going to YouTube it in a sec ;) I did however notice that when I said I loved snooker two of my group immediately said "How could you? It's so boring!" and then it turned out they didn't even know the rules... WTF!?!

Anyway. I'm off to do some research. And watch Ronnie's 147. The library is heaven here.

ETA: Fucking hell, how pretty was that split from red and pink? That was amazing!
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Do you know this thing that you are all panicked and think you are going to fail life and then suddenly, within 15 minutes, everything is solved and perfect?

*deep sigh of relief*

This afternoon I will fly to Florence and miss out on the rest of the World Championship! And I'm slowly starting to think that I know what I will be doing there (aka my 30+ minute presentation is slowly starting to take shape) ;)
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YES! I'm not going to be in Florence while Radiohead is performing in the Netherlands! YES!

I will be there from April 28/29 til May 12. SOOO looking forward to it! :D

ETA: I just saw the draw for the Masters of this year. I'm VERY amused.

FIRST ROUND (best of 11 frames)

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) v Stephen Maguire (Sco)
Stephen Hendry (Sco) v Mark Selby (Eng)
Ken Doherty (Ire) v Mark Williams (Wal)
Shaun Murphy (Eng) v Ali Carter (Eng)
Graeme Dott (Sco) v Stephen Lee (Eng)
Peter Ebdon (Eng) v Day/Hawkins
Neil Robertson (Aus) v Davis/Fu
John Higgins (Sco) v Ding Junhui (Chn)

I mean... most of these first round matches could be rather respectable finals as well :D


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