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Bloody hell. I'm sorting through my books, cause I can never find anything back so I'm trying to write down what is where. It would appear that I have a bit more books than I anticipated.

My main bookcase in my bedroom has six shelves.

Book-shelf 1: 47 books
Book-shelf 2: 49
Book-shelf 3: 52

- DUDE! Apparently I own Le Morte D'Arthur already! Thank God I hadn't ordered that one yet! *puts on Must Read Somewhere This Year-pile*
- I appear to have lost Good Omens. DON'T PANIC
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I had no idea that Much is actually a real character in the Robin Hood legend. I thought he was just a Samwise Gamgee-like character to Robin Hood in the new BBC series. I found his name in The Once And Future King that I'm currently reading, cause Merlin made me realize that I have forgotten an awful lot about the Arthur legend.

Which brings me to this question: does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to Arthurian related books (or maybe movies/tv)? You can see this as broad as you like, so also books about that one knight that is only mentioned once in the original legend. Anything, really as long as it's good.

(And if anyone knows a good book about the real Robin Hood legend I'd love to know as well.)
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I really want to read the biography of Salvador Dali. I also would really like to read The Historian, get my hands on something Oscar Wilde and read that shiny new book on WWI I recently bought.

Instead I have to read 100 badly written pages of Amsterdam in the Golden Age (while I own a shiny book on the same subject that I love way more than I should. I would recommend it to everyone, who is the slightest bit interested (it's by Maarten Prak and translated in English)), plus the autobiography of Constantijn Huygens, which is just wanktastic.

To make a long story short: I can't concentrate on the things I should read and keep getting distracted by the things I shouldn't. Argh!
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So basically I've been reading the Twilight books. Well, reading is a bit of a wrong word here. Skipping through the books covers it better. I think I really read it until around page 70 of the first book and then I just skipped through it.

Why is this this popular again? From the pics so far, I can see the cracktasticness that is the upcoming movie. But these books were popular before there was a sign of a movie, right? WTF. I'm missing something big here, clearly, cause I'm not seeing it.

I can't be the only person who wants to kill Edward and Bella, right? In the Harry Potter books I'm not that big into Harry, Ron and Hermoine either, but they (almost) never make me want to kill them. Plus, the other characters coughSnapecough are great. In these books...

A list of all the WTF-moments in those books would be ridiculous long.

Alice is cool, though.

And I must say, these books also bring a ridiculous amount of funny wank/parodies/snark. Maybe that's the charm of them, then?
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Sometimes I really fail to see the uni-logic.

I need to re-do an assignment for a class, because my first version failed big time (I knew this, but I also knew I had to have something or else I would fail the class entirely). That assignment thought up by professor Ieme van der Poel. I received my new assignment that has to be finished tomorrow. This one is made by Mieke Kolk. Why? What? Why not the same person? The whole course was taught by different teachers, but now I suddenly have to re-do assignment #3 for a whole different person about a whole different subject? WTF?

Uni-logic, you fail.

Sorry, for my complete lack of online-ness. The last days have been spent reading. Mostly reading uni-stuff, but also REAL BOOKS. I think the 'I must read real books' bug has bitten me again (I missed it so much!). And I watched Primeval, which is ridiculously fun, but clearly shouldn't be watched way past midnight (like I did).

Back to work.


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