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... when I'm also going to Lily Allen. Oh dear ;)

ETA: I will actually be able to manage to go to both (cause the Amos gig starts late). HOW COOL IS THAT? I have class the next day at 9. They are going to love me XD
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I'm going to a gig tonight! YAAAAY! I miss going to gigs. The idea of going to less gigs this year to spare money was a very stupid idea, and I won't be trying that again (unless I really have no penny left). Life without gigs = very boring. My last gig (and only one of this year so far O_O) was Bloc Party on February 18th! DUDE!

Anyway. Tonight I will be enjoying Johan, a very good Dutch band who will present their new album tonight. *dances*

And I have more gigs coming up in the next two months and a bit:

May 7 - Lily Allen
May 11 - Franz Ferdinand
(May 16 - Bat For Lashes - haven't bought my ticket yet)
(May 26 - Patrick Watson - idem)
June 6 - Morrissey
June 7 - Jarvis Cocker
July 2 - Blur

(seriously... it's like a countdown of people I really love with Blur being the ultimate high at this point in time)

Oh, what to wear?
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Date - City - Venue
13 Aug - Rotterdam - Ahoy
15 Aug - Berlin - Wulheide
17 Aug - Manchester - MEN Arena
18 Aug - London - 02 Arena


YES! I need to be there! Just yesterday I was thinking how I miss seeing them play live and how amazing the last two times were when they played here ♥♥♥
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Blur have exclusively revealed to NME.COM the band who will be joining them at their reformation shows in Hyde Park this summer.

The band play two giant gigs in London (July 2 and 3) and have hand-picked the bands who will play ahead of them, ensuring that each night will be unique.

July 2 features the following bands:
Foals, Crystal Castles, Friendly Fires and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

July 3 features the following bands:
Vampire Weekend, Amadou & Mariam, Florence And The Machine and Deerhoof


How cool is that? I love Foals! Now I have to check out those other bands as well. EXCITED!
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Time for another useless poll!

As you may have noticed: I'm not going to an awful lot of concerts so far this year. I tried to cut down (due to lack of money), but I really miss it. This year I've only seen one gig so far, but truth to be told I already have a nice list of upcoming gigs (7 gigs from May till September)

Anyway. Who should I go to see? Bat for Lashes and/or Patrick Watson. I've seen both already (Bat for Lashes 3 times as support act for Radiohead (this name should be in sparkles, really, if only I knew how) & Patrick Watson last year as main act) and love both very much. They both visit in May, in the same venue. Help?

ETA: And as [livejournal.com profile] dianora77 pointed out, for the people who don't know them, you can hear their stuff on their MySpace: Patrick Watson and Bat for Lashes

[Poll #1381235]

Also, Blur (and related projects) have sort of eaten my brain, so I wondered if anyone could recommened me some new (and non Blur related ;)) music. This is what I already listen to.

[Poll #1381236]
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You purchased 1 ticket to:
Hyde Park, London,
Thu 2 Jul 2009, 14:30

Order for: Paulien


(because seriously... I'm SO going to regret it if I don't go)
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In less than an hour I'm going to try to get tickets for both U2 AND Jarvis Cocker *twitches*
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Radiohead have revealed they are working on new material and planning a summer tour.

Guitarist Ed O'Brien told Newsbeat the Oxford band would be hitting the studio soon.

"We are working on new material," he explained. "We'll be doing some more recording. It's business as usual.

"We've sort of finished the bulk of [In Rainbows] touring," he added. ""We will be doing a little bit of touring in the summer, watch this space!"


I don't think I really have to mention that I am fully prepared to travel far to see them again, right?
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Now I give U2 the fact that the stage design looks amazing, but the first rang tickets cost €150,-! What do you mean 'we are going to make the tickets cheaper because of the financial crisis and shit'?!?! I can't afford that, nor WANT to pay that much for any band (yes, including Radiohead and Paul McCartney). WTF?

These are all the prices:
* Rang 1 (exclusief servicekosten): €150.00
* Rang 2 (exclusief servicekosten): €85.00
* Rang 3 (exclusief servicekosten): €80.00
* Rang 4 (exclusief servicekosten): €75.00
* Rang 5 (exclusief servicekosten): €65.00
* Rang 6 (exclusief servicekosten): €30.00 (this one is behind a wall probably >:[ )
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Guess who was at the railing of the Bloc Party gig? ♥

Hint: Yep, still me :D

Fantastic gig. You know it's going to be great when the second song they play is your absolute favourite BP song and that third song is that other one you really really liked. I had a perfect spot, right between Kele (= leadsinger) and Gordon (=bassist) and it was just awesome.

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So. I haven't slept properly in days, am seriously tired, have a presentation later today (I know what to say, only my powerpoint isn't read yet it's done!) and two looming deadlines that freak me out.

However, I will have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] ilovesamwise tonight and I will going to a gig of the Rascals with the adorable Miles Kane.

So clearly it all balances out, right?
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Coldplay is coming back to the Netherlands in September 2009. It's an open air concert this time, and I really want to go.

But the sale starts Wednesday evening (when I'm nowhere near a computer) and I'm rather desperately broke. Plus, it's €59,- + transaction.


Maybe I should rationalize? I've seen them already and they are not one of my ZOMG!!11! bands. However, they are really really good live :(

Also, I'm stressed, have too many deadlines, there are not enough hours in a day, my skin is reaction badly because of something unknown and I'm just in a bit of a negative mind set today.
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Even though the support act (DE KIFT!) had already started by the time I got in (the line was pure horror) I managed to get to second row :D

De Kift was again very good. Bought their latest album. Too bad they aren't really a band you should put in frond of Franz Ferdinand. De Kift = all about the lyrics and weird dancing, so as a support act that aren't for everyone.

The concert was fantastic. Really like the sound of the new songs. Too bad it as all a bit short.

Afterwards I saw [livejournal.com profile] moonshape, I seem to have a knack for discovering her at gigs.

Some pictures:

The rest of my pics

Also, Alex looks a bit like Arthur, doesn't he?
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Franz Ferdinand tonight! With as support act De Kift, one of my absolute favourite Dutch bands! WHOOHOO!

(I'm absolutely exhausted, though. Stupid sleeping patterns!)
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Sigur Rós, yesterday. I was way too early and it was cold outside and a spider fell in my book and blah blah blah. Either way: I managed to get right in front, slightly left from Jónsi. I bought myself a t-shirt and then the waiting started. I had a nice chat with the people around me.

The support act was a Icelandic band called For A Minor Reflection and I loved them. Bought their album afterwards and they all signed it for me and were just generally very nice people.

More waiting. And then: SIGUR RÓS.

01 Svefn g englar
02 Ný batterí
03 Fljótavik
04 Við spilum endalaust
05 Hoppípolla
06 Með blóðnasir
07 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
08 E-bow
09 Sæglópur
10 Festival
11 Hafsól
12 Gobbledigook (with the guys from For A Minor Reflection on drums)
13 All alright
14 Popplagið

It was just magical. Jónsi's voice is insane. At the end of Svefn g englar he held this really high note for a really long time. They played Ný batterí, which is my current favourite Sigur Rós song, so ZOMGYESPLEASE! Við spilum endalaust makes me really happy as well.

Hoppípolla getting into Með blóðnasir with the singing was awesome as well. Then the songs that came after this was just one HUGE highlight for me. E-Bow, Sæglópur, Festival (when a girl right behind me fainted. It was ridiculously hot in the venue as long as you weren't first row), Hafsól (which I taped, see behind the cut) and then Gobbledigook, which until then I hadn't really liked live, but I thought it was fantastic when I saw it with my own eyes.

Then the encore. All Alright was magical. Jónsi did something with his hands, while singing, which was one of the most beautiful things ever.

Popplagið blew my mind. SO GOOD. I loved everything about it and then the big confetti canon at end: AWESOMENESS. I've taped this one as well.

So, all in all: what a fantastic gig! I love this band SO much. It felt really surreal to hear such a large about of pretty :D

all my pictures

to the videos! )
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Sigur Rós. FIRST ROW. Right in front of Jónsi (=leadsinger). One of the best nights of my life!

More when I don't have to catch a train within 5 minutes (Oops...)
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Sigur Rós! TONIGHT!!!

Excitement doesn't begin to cover it. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Also, this:

Hi, Paulien [Lien].

Stephen Fry (stephenfry) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Shouldn't make me as squee-full as it does, right? XD
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Just to be sure: that Doctor Who thing on Children in Need is simply the beginning of the Christmas episode, right and not something new? Cause I won't watch it if it's the first couple of minutes of the special. Not that I will probably stay un-spoiled, but anyway...

Okkervil River was amazing.
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Tonight I will be seeing Okkervil River. I'm really looking forward to that: I've been wanting to see them for ages!

I'm slowly developing a backlog on everything. I still have to write reviews from the Keane gig and the Elbow gig I went to last Sunday, plus I have to upload pictures from my camera and this should all be done before Monday evening cause then I will be seeing God Sigur Ròs and OH MY GOD I'm SOOOO looking forward to that.

Before the end of this month I have to finish a two papers (one 3,500 words, the other 5,000. Current count 0 for both), read 4 books, make two presentations, write an essay (2/3 pages) and I would like to not get behind on my tv watching off Supernatural and Merlin, cause those I'm the only shows I'm not behind currently. Can't say the same for Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Lost!, Sarah Jane Adventures and Little Dorrit. BOOH!

Either way. I'm behind on everything. But I'll be seeing Okkervil River tonight and go on a drink/tv and/or movie watch night with [livejournal.com profile] ilovesamwise tomorrow, so live is good. Remind me of this at the end of the month, yeah?


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