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According to my dad:

Arthur Dent = Harry Potter

Luckily he realized his mistake rather quickly, but still...
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My ridiculous cute dog Abeltje has been hiding away in my parents bedroom, because idiots outside are blowing fireworks to pieces. He has really been hiding, as in: sitting between blankets, boxes and cushions that are on the ground looking adorable. How cute is that?

Here, have another pic of The Cuteness:

(and before you ask: he's actually not a puppy. He's a 'big' 3 year old miniature wired-haired dachshund. Just so you know ;))
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Why my parents are the sweetest, reason #155,987

Me: bitch, bitch, moan, moan, won't be able to see Doctor Who until very late due to football, bitch, bitch, moan, moan
Dad: well, then I turn your download on already.

(he barely knows how to turn on a computer).

HOW SWEET IS THAT? Geekdom clearly runs in the family
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My mum just told me to "not forget my towel".

Different context. Don't care. I love how my brain never let's me down when it comes to geekness.
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Awwwwww.... my dad just emailed me to tell me that he misses me.


(And just what I needed. I feel a bit blah. Even when I'm in Florence.)
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I've tried to get all relaxed this weekend and that partly worked out fine. Tomorrow uni starts again and I'm actually looking forward to it. *knocks on wood* Plus, there will be snooker for TWO weeks starting tomorrow (which is really rather silly. Why on Earth did they schedule two ranking tournaments right after each other? It really isn't that the calender is so full they couldn't have planned it otherwise!).

Yesterday I was ridiculously girly. I watched Pan's Labyrinth, which is an awesome movie but a bit scarier than I had anticipated. Later it was time for my long midnight shower, while my parents and all are asleep. Suddenly I heard something hitting the door and dude! Scared the hell out of me! Still don't know what it was. Probably shouldn't watch Pan's Labyrinth any more right before I have to do something in the dark ;)

Today I listened to some music, read a bit, changed my layout and celebrated my dad's 70th birthday! HURRAH! Congratulations, dad! It's old, though :(


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