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So, Matthew Lewis asked on good old Twitter for predictions on the Liverpool/Chelsea match and I TOTALLY called it!

Now if only I had put money on this, cause I probably could have earned quite something. I have no idea how those betting sites work, though, but I imagine that 1-3 wasn't the most logical outcome of this match.

However, instead of money it earned me a shout-out from Neville Longbottom. Which, to be fair, makes my geeky Potter heart rather happy.

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Proof that I really need sleep and a life, probably:

I was looking at my tags for no apparent reason, when I spotted this

I'm amused way too easily (and yes, I'm aware that only snooker loopies will get it).

(And oh the irony! Cause by make this post it's no longer true)
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The Russian (I think?) snooker commentator is awful. He reminds me an awful lot of this video of Brian Blessed doing snooker commentary, only without being funny (who knows... maybe the guy is absolutely hilarious, but I can't understand a word).

I'm going to keep it on mute, I think. I'll miss the comfortable sounds of the balls on the table, though :(
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I'm currently watching the first episode of Survivors and I'm way too easily amused. Besides the fact that it proofs once again my theory that if you vaguely recognize some actor in a British tv-show/film, it's probably because s/he has been in Doctor Who or one of it's spin off's.

But the best bit? This guy tries to seduce a woman, and he puts on some music. Radiohead's Talk Show Host to be precise. It immediately reminded me of their interview with Jonathan Ross where they 'complained' that their music was never used for anything fun. Somebody has been listening ;)

It also reminded me of this.
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Ronnie really should not do interviews, should he? Cause he always says the same thing, while looking uncomfortable. He played really great, though.

Oh God, he's so in love with John Parrot.

ETA: Wait! Did that thing just said that PETER Ebdon once released a single????

ETA2: WAAHAHAHAHAHA! Why? Seriously, Peter, what were you thinking?

(I will have a real illustrate post somewhere today. I've been rather ill for the last 3 (!!!) weeks, so I haven't really been in the mood to do it sooner)
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Q: "Robert, will you suck my blood out?" - Alley

Pattinson: Yes. Right now? Do they give their addresses and stuff?

MTV: They give their names, and I am sure if you click on MTV.com, you could e-mail any of them.

Pattinson: "Will you suck my blood out?" Is that, like, a worried question? Or is it kind of a desiring question? I worry if you don't want me to.


I don't care about Twilight at all, but Robert Pattinson makes me happy in ridiculous ways. The things that boy says out loud are just amazing!
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I love the internet sometimes.


I'm glad my mind isn't the only one who thinks in such ways. Everytime that Palin woman is on the news and I read the headlines about her, my mind goes 'Michael Palin has done what?!?'. Can't get rid of it.


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