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I'm going to a gig tonight! YAAAAY! I miss going to gigs. The idea of going to less gigs this year to spare money was a very stupid idea, and I won't be trying that again (unless I really have no penny left). Life without gigs = very boring. My last gig (and only one of this year so far O_O) was Bloc Party on February 18th! DUDE!

Anyway. Tonight I will be enjoying Johan, a very good Dutch band who will present their new album tonight. *dances*

And I have more gigs coming up in the next two months and a bit:

May 7 - Lily Allen
May 11 - Franz Ferdinand
(May 16 - Bat For Lashes - haven't bought my ticket yet)
(May 26 - Patrick Watson - idem)
June 6 - Morrissey
June 7 - Jarvis Cocker
July 2 - Blur

(seriously... it's like a countdown of people I really love with Blur being the ultimate high at this point in time)

Oh, what to wear?
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Time for another useless poll!

As you may have noticed: I'm not going to an awful lot of concerts so far this year. I tried to cut down (due to lack of money), but I really miss it. This year I've only seen one gig so far, but truth to be told I already have a nice list of upcoming gigs (7 gigs from May till September)

Anyway. Who should I go to see? Bat for Lashes and/or Patrick Watson. I've seen both already (Bat for Lashes 3 times as support act for Radiohead (this name should be in sparkles, really, if only I knew how) & Patrick Watson last year as main act) and love both very much. They both visit in May, in the same venue. Help?

ETA: And as [livejournal.com profile] dianora77 pointed out, for the people who don't know them, you can hear their stuff on their MySpace: Patrick Watson and Bat for Lashes

[Poll #1381235]

Also, Blur (and related projects) have sort of eaten my brain, so I wondered if anyone could recommened me some new (and non Blur related ;)) music. This is what I already listen to.

[Poll #1381236]
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I feel really down and unhappy today. I thought the most depressing day of the year was last monday, but apparently not.

Tomorrow I'm going to do what Schroeder is doing and buy me some good music.

(I would murder for a good quality pic of this comic)
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I'm really loving the ad campaign of the Grammys this year. I'm always really curious to find out what kind of music inspired the bands that I really love. I discovered some great (and some really awful) music like that over the years ;)

Speaking of music: the new Antony & The Johnsons is stunning. It's really ridiculously beautiful and dreamy. I'm very much in love with it.
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The Jay-Z versus Radiohead Mash-up ‘99 Anthems’ was already a classic, ‘99 Problems’ mixed with ‘The National Anthem’. New York producer Minty Fresh Beats made a whole set of Radiohead/Jay-Z mashups available.

Under the name ‘Jaydiohead’ you can download 10 Jay-Z tracks mixed with 9 Radiohead songs and one by Thom Yorke. You can find them at Jaydiohead.com. Here’s the full tracklisting.

01 Wrong Prayer
02 99 Anthems
03 No Karma
04 Lucifer’s Jigsaw
05 Optimistic Moment
06 Dirt Off Your Android
07 Dreaming Up
08 Change Order
09 Fall In Step
10 Ignorant Swan


It's basically Jay-Z's raps over Radiohead music, but it really works. I like it, at least.
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Because every self-respecting music geek does it.

I always find it a bit silly to name one album 'the best album of [insert year]', cause really? Who has heard ALL the albums that were released? Either way, these are my favourite albums of this year. The order can change, but this is how it is today.

The reasons why they are in the list can be different. It can be because the music made me so damn happy, or because it's so beautiful, or I love the style or it gives me such happy memories or whatever.

♫ This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization / It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away ♫
Bon Iver completely stole my heart with his voice and his lyrics. For Emma, Forever Ago is an utterly gorgeous album with just a guy and his guitar, singing with a ridiculous pretty voice. I saw him live twice this year, with a band and the songs are great that way as well. Bon Iver never fails to make me ache with it's beauty.
Highlights: Flume, Skinny Love & Re:Stacks

♫ And it's the fame that put words in her mouth / She couldn't help, but spit them out ♫
I LOVE The Last Shadow Puppets. I like them way better than the Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals and seeing The Rascals live made me realize what a big influence Miles Kane has on this album. Either way, they sound like the love child of Scott Walker.
Highlights: Standing Next To Me, My Mistakes Were Made For You & Black Plant

♫ Spineless dreamers hide in churches ♫
Keane-boys always make me happy. This album is completely different from the others, but it makes me dance and jump and be silly so that's good. I like how it's influenced by Bowie and the Talking Heads, cause you can't really go wrong with that, can you? Tom's voice is as ridiculously pretty as usual, plus they added Jesse Quin as bassist!
Highlights: Better Than This, You Haven't Told Me Anything, Perfect Symmetry & You Don't See Me

continued )
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Day 7

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.

► Finishing my last paper of the year!
► Mid-season final of Chuck: how good was that?! Why isn't the Chuck fandom more active? I want fic, dammit!
► Buying pretty jewellery
► Having fantastic smelling and tasting tea, with a name I've never heard of
► Radiohead. Just, because.

Awww, last day of the optimism-meme. I've noticed that music really seems to make me happy. I've mentioned some band in every day-post

Also, Ali is never going to win a thing, is he? Seriously, the talent is all there, he plays wonderful and he just sort of freaks out or something when there might be the slight chance of winning a thing.
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Grammys are lame, aren't they?

Also, why does the news mention that Lil Wayne has 8 nominations, Coldplay 7 (WTF? Their album really wasn't that good), Kayne West/Ne-Yo(Who??)/Jay-z have 6 and then forget to mention that Radiohead has SEVEN (plus bonus!Jonny Greenwood) nominations as well? WTF, news? Isn't Radiohead "cool" enough for them?

Also, I have a ticket for Coldplay in September next year. Because I'm an idiot (and they are really good live).
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New REM song that you can listen to on their website.

I like it.

I hope they tour in such a way that I can see them. I'd love to see them live once, I've grown rather fond of them. I once had a vague theory that they would be one of the acts that will play in the Westerpark in Amsterdam during June/July (like Keane and Björk last year, and Radiohead ♥ this year).
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Anyone know Olivier Messiaen? As much as I love his compositions he's definitely made one of the worst 'background studying music' ever. I'm getting all nervous here :(

I think I better change back to Sigur Rós.


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