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For the Keane fans on my f-list, who didn't know:

webcast will start in half an hour from now. YAY!

ETA: Can I just say how much I love Keane? They are all kinds of adorable and lovely and the sound really really good. Damn them for going to Pinkpop, instead of doing a stand alone gig in the Netherlands :(
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Behind the cut:
- my trips to Tuscany, London & Berlin
- the starting a mill-museum project
- concerts (apparently I went to 26 gigs this year)
- meeting friends, graduation and other stuff

my year in pictures (and some words) )
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Because every self-respecting music geek does it.

I always find it a bit silly to name one album 'the best album of [insert year]', cause really? Who has heard ALL the albums that were released? Either way, these are my favourite albums of this year. The order can change, but this is how it is today.

The reasons why they are in the list can be different. It can be because the music made me so damn happy, or because it's so beautiful, or I love the style or it gives me such happy memories or whatever.

♫ This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization / It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away ♫
Bon Iver completely stole my heart with his voice and his lyrics. For Emma, Forever Ago is an utterly gorgeous album with just a guy and his guitar, singing with a ridiculous pretty voice. I saw him live twice this year, with a band and the songs are great that way as well. Bon Iver never fails to make me ache with it's beauty.
Highlights: Flume, Skinny Love & Re:Stacks

♫ And it's the fame that put words in her mouth / She couldn't help, but spit them out ♫
I LOVE The Last Shadow Puppets. I like them way better than the Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals and seeing The Rascals live made me realize what a big influence Miles Kane has on this album. Either way, they sound like the love child of Scott Walker.
Highlights: Standing Next To Me, My Mistakes Were Made For You & Black Plant

♫ Spineless dreamers hide in churches ♫
Keane-boys always make me happy. This album is completely different from the others, but it makes me dance and jump and be silly so that's good. I like how it's influenced by Bowie and the Talking Heads, cause you can't really go wrong with that, can you? Tom's voice is as ridiculously pretty as usual, plus they added Jesse Quin as bassist!
Highlights: Better Than This, You Haven't Told Me Anything, Perfect Symmetry & You Don't See Me

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Day 5

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.

☻ Snooker and Ali Carter especially
☻ Keane. Who are doing a live webcast at the moment and are as adorable and pretty as ever. LOVE Tom's jacket.
☻ I'll just going to say Keane. They are ADORABLE + hilarious. Go watch.

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Tonight I will be seeing Okkervil River. I'm really looking forward to that: I've been wanting to see them for ages!

I'm slowly developing a backlog on everything. I still have to write reviews from the Keane gig and the Elbow gig I went to last Sunday, plus I have to upload pictures from my camera and this should all be done before Monday evening cause then I will be seeing God Sigur Ròs and OH MY GOD I'm SOOOO looking forward to that.

Before the end of this month I have to finish a two papers (one 3,500 words, the other 5,000. Current count 0 for both), read 4 books, make two presentations, write an essay (2/3 pages) and I would like to not get behind on my tv watching off Supernatural and Merlin, cause those I'm the only shows I'm not behind currently. Can't say the same for Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Lost!, Sarah Jane Adventures and Little Dorrit. BOOH!

Either way. I'm behind on everything. But I'll be seeing Okkervil River tonight and go on a drink/tv and/or movie watch night with [livejournal.com profile] ilovesamwise tomorrow, so live is good. Remind me of this at the end of the month, yeah?
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I'm amused that my f-list is filled with ZOMGDAVIDTENNANT!!! woe. 'Cause even though I really like David Tennant (really really like) as the Doctor it is hardly a surprise is it? It makes sense from his point of view and from the point of view of the series. It would be a bit odd if one Doctor would suddenly stay for a really long time.

Anyway. I'll probably start moaning when they tell us who 11 is going to be ;) (although wouldn't it be AWESOME if it was one of these men: Stephen Fry, Julian Barratt or David Morrissey?)

Keane yesterday was fantastic. Best gig I've seen of them yet! I will have a post full of squee tomorrow, cause right now I'm too tired and busy to sort through all my pics :)
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I'm seeing Keane tomorrow! I'm so excited! :D

I've also watched some Robin Hood. It helps to keep motivated with my current research. Anyway. It's nice. Not nearly as much fun as Merlin and not nearly as pretty either, but nice. And I really, really like Much. He's adorable. I think my biggest criticism is that Robin is such a flat character (for now), who always repeats himself. And some of the other characters just occasionally bug me (the sheriff for instance. Most of the time he is deliciously evil and sometimes he's just annoying). But I've started to like some characters a lot, so I guess I have to continue watching to see what happens to them ;)
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You can listen to the new Keane album on Last.fm

I really like it. It's so happy and fun! I'm a bit in love with Better Than This. And with Again and Again. And Pretend You're Alone. Can't wait to buy it.
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I have tickets to see Keane, Franz Ferdinand and Elbow. YES!
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New Keane song download legally for free for a week.

I really really love it. It's so happy and yay and different and great!


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