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Behind the cut:
- my trips to Tuscany, London & Berlin
- the starting a mill-museum project
- concerts (apparently I went to 26 gigs this year)
- meeting friends, graduation and other stuff

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Because every self-respecting music geek does it.

I always find it a bit silly to name one album 'the best album of [insert year]', cause really? Who has heard ALL the albums that were released? Either way, these are my favourite albums of this year. The order can change, but this is how it is today.

The reasons why they are in the list can be different. It can be because the music made me so damn happy, or because it's so beautiful, or I love the style or it gives me such happy memories or whatever.

♫ This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization / It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away ♫
Bon Iver completely stole my heart with his voice and his lyrics. For Emma, Forever Ago is an utterly gorgeous album with just a guy and his guitar, singing with a ridiculous pretty voice. I saw him live twice this year, with a band and the songs are great that way as well. Bon Iver never fails to make me ache with it's beauty.
Highlights: Flume, Skinny Love & Re:Stacks

♫ And it's the fame that put words in her mouth / She couldn't help, but spit them out ♫
I LOVE The Last Shadow Puppets. I like them way better than the Arctic Monkeys and The Rascals and seeing The Rascals live made me realize what a big influence Miles Kane has on this album. Either way, they sound like the love child of Scott Walker.
Highlights: Standing Next To Me, My Mistakes Were Made For You & Black Plant

♫ Spineless dreamers hide in churches ♫
Keane-boys always make me happy. This album is completely different from the others, but it makes me dance and jump and be silly so that's good. I like how it's influenced by Bowie and the Talking Heads, cause you can't really go wrong with that, can you? Tom's voice is as ridiculously pretty as usual, plus they added Jesse Quin as bassist!
Highlights: Better Than This, You Haven't Told Me Anything, Perfect Symmetry & You Don't See Me

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Sigur Rós, yesterday. I was way too early and it was cold outside and a spider fell in my book and blah blah blah. Either way: I managed to get right in front, slightly left from Jónsi. I bought myself a t-shirt and then the waiting started. I had a nice chat with the people around me.

The support act was a Icelandic band called For A Minor Reflection and I loved them. Bought their album afterwards and they all signed it for me and were just generally very nice people.

More waiting. And then: SIGUR RÓS.

01 Svefn g englar
02 Ný batterí
03 Fljótavik
04 Við spilum endalaust
05 Hoppípolla
06 Með blóðnasir
07 Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
08 E-bow
09 Sæglópur
10 Festival
11 Hafsól
12 Gobbledigook (with the guys from For A Minor Reflection on drums)
13 All alright
14 Popplagið

It was just magical. Jónsi's voice is insane. At the end of Svefn g englar he held this really high note for a really long time. They played Ný batterí, which is my current favourite Sigur Rós song, so ZOMGYESPLEASE! Við spilum endalaust makes me really happy as well.

Hoppípolla getting into Með blóðnasir with the singing was awesome as well. Then the songs that came after this was just one HUGE highlight for me. E-Bow, Sæglópur, Festival (when a girl right behind me fainted. It was ridiculously hot in the venue as long as you weren't first row), Hafsól (which I taped, see behind the cut) and then Gobbledigook, which until then I hadn't really liked live, but I thought it was fantastic when I saw it with my own eyes.

Then the encore. All Alright was magical. Jónsi did something with his hands, while singing, which was one of the most beautiful things ever.

Popplagið blew my mind. SO GOOD. I loved everything about it and then the big confetti canon at end: AWESOMENESS. I've taped this one as well.

So, all in all: what a fantastic gig! I love this band SO much. It felt really surreal to hear such a large about of pretty :D

all my pictures

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Sigur Rós. FIRST ROW. Right in front of Jónsi (=leadsinger). One of the best nights of my life!

More when I don't have to catch a train within 5 minutes (Oops...)
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Sigur Rós! TONIGHT!!!

Excitement doesn't begin to cover it. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Also, this:

Hi, Paulien [Lien].

Stephen Fry (stephenfry) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Shouldn't make me as squee-full as it does, right? XD
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YAAAAAAY!!!! I have tickets to see Sigur Rós in November! They are rapidly becoming my second favourite band after Radiohead. WEEEEE!!!!
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For the people who care:

Free concert webcast of a gig by Björk and Sigur Rós, aka (Almost) Too Much Awesome To Handle

It starts shortly.
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New Sigur Rós track to download from their website for free. It's fantastic. As expected, obviously.
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Anyone know Olivier Messiaen? As much as I love his compositions he's definitely made one of the worst 'background studying music' ever. I'm getting all nervous here :(

I think I better change back to Sigur Rós.
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Snooker! Right now! WEEEE!

I hope most of my favourites will still be in around Wednesday, cause from them on I will have a bit of time to watch. Tomorrow I have three awful deadlines and I'm not really close to finishing yet. As always. And really it's not all because I'm an awful planner (I am a bit, though). It's just so much, in such a small amount of time. Everybody would get fucked up about that.

Anyway. At least I'm able to concentrate at the moment (even with snooker on!) I found the perfect music mix to work with. It starts with two songs I'm currently deeply in love with: Dead and Lovely by Tom Waits (I love that man so much. His voice can touch my inner soul) and then comes Through the Roof 'n' Underground by Gogol Bordello (YAY Gypsy punk!). During those songs I'm allowed to do non-uni things, which most of the times turns out to be deeply in love with both songs and listening to them. Then follows the entire () album from Sigur Rós, during which I type like a maniac and have an average speed of 800-1,000 words during each listen. Which is good. Pretty close to perfect even :D

I will do catch up on everything probably on Tuesday late or Wednesday.


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