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Awwww, last [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo. This also means that tomorrow September aka uni aka ZOMGIHAVENOTIME starts again. Booh :(

Life isn't easy for the Pin Cushion Queen )
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To think that before this years [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo I'd never made a doll in my life. But I'm very pleased with this one. More Boosh boys!

Howard Moon and his ugly girlfriend are missing from the zoo. )
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Owls, mostly.

Birds )

Snooker is painful to watch tonight (WTF is wrong with Ronnie?) and not only because of the way they are playing. My webstream keeps dying on me as well and the livescore isn't working either. BOOOOH!
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This is Vince. I'm going to make a Howard as soon as I have brown felt. Pics are a bit shit, but I think he's rather cute ;)

Coming at ya! )
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Because I've fallen deeply in love with Patti Smith I've made a Patti inspired naart today

Little sister, the sky is falling, I don't mind, I don't mind. )
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I'm back from Berlin. Which was absolutely awesome and more later. Now, the big [livejournal.com profile] naarmamo post of doom.

the missing days all in one )
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Something quick and simple, since my dog is really ill at the moment and I'm packing my stuff cause I'll be on my way to Berlin tonight. I'm so worried, though :/

nothing really matters )
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Pictures of the Lunar eclipse.

Plus bonus dog )
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Inspired by this story on the news.

we're knights of the round table! )
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I went to Haarlem today, so my naart is a picture I took in the Teylers Museum.

something witty )
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A quick doodle today.

all art is quite useless )
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Fuck it! I have made a naart for today (a photograph of my guitar), but I can't find my cable to connect my camera to my computer! Bloody hell!

And I'm absolutely knackered. So, hopefully I find the bloody cable tomorrow.

next day edit )
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Another day, another naart, another failed monster. My favourite one, so far.

why don't you quiet down? )
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Apparently naart wants me to illustrate the little Children's Book of Horror.

that girl's a super freak )
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I wanted to draw an odd bird. I ended with this.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night )
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New naart! And new addition to my 'failed monsters' collection.

we think the same things at the same time )
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Today was my first naart-crisis. I had no idea what to make. So I took some pictures again.

Don't know what you mean )
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So, I basically really love what I made for today's naart. In fact, I think I'm going to make more of these. He's based on the crying Minotaur from Radiohead's artwork of Amnesiac. I'm gonna call him Igor.

nothing to fear. nothing to doubt. )


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