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Some dude interviewing the Slumdog kids on the red carpet: "How was it to play in a movie like Slumdog Millionaire?"
Youngest kid playing Jamal: "..."
Older kid playing Jamal: "He doesn't speak English"
Random dude: "Oh."


ETA: Also Dev & Frieda! ♥♥♥♥
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This was put on the door downstairs that leads to our cycle shed. Two bikes have been stolen (and found back in the bushes nearby) the last couple of weeks:

It says
“Entrance only allowed for residents.
So not for stealing assholes.”

As if that helps.

Bonus!Stephen Fry: who is innocent, but adorable )
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Tomorrow at 1pm I will have peace of mind again. Then the weekend will be awesome and filled with books, tv shows, dancing and good music. Until then I'm going to be nervous and twitchy.
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I saw Slumdog Millionaire a couple of days ago and I absolutely loved it! I can recommend it to everyone: the storyline is great, the acting is good, it looks pretty, the music is great and I was screaming at my screen at the end of it. Either way, it stars Dev Patel, who I really liked. So I thought I would have a look around to see some other stuff with him in it. Now it turns out he appeared in Skins. Now I know I have some big fans on my f-list, but I never watched it myself.

So, time for another useless poll!

[Poll #1327501]

F-list, don't disappoint! I'm counting on you!
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100% Dark Side now.

I've joined Facebook & I'm at Shelfari as well (although it's going to take centuries, before I've added all my books there).

Either way: add me! Even when I don't really know what to do with both ;)
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I wish I was able to sleep at normal hours again.
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I'm on twitter now as well.

I don't really now what the point of this is, but either way. I'm gonna use it to keep up with Stephen Fry's doing mostly, cause he is lovable.

And don't worry: I'm not going to connect it to my journal so that you get daily twitters. I find those really annoying (yes, I know there is a code to hide them, but frankly I can't be bothered to find out how/where I should add that code. And it really isn't that much trouble to just scroll past those posts ;))

In other news: WALL-E is the cutest thing ever!
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Q: "Robert, will you suck my blood out?" - Alley

Pattinson: Yes. Right now? Do they give their addresses and stuff?

MTV: They give their names, and I am sure if you click on MTV.com, you could e-mail any of them.

Pattinson: "Will you suck my blood out?" Is that, like, a worried question? Or is it kind of a desiring question? I worry if you don't want me to.


I don't care about Twilight at all, but Robert Pattinson makes me happy in ridiculous ways. The things that boy says out loud are just amazing!
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I lost the ability to sleep. That should have all my alarm bells going off, cause mostly I end up getting seriously down as well when this happens. The thing is, this mostly happens in November, December and/or January. Not when it's barely October, damnit!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Coldplay. I'll probably be closer to the moon than to the Coldplay boys, but who cares, really? Always wanted to see them, and am not Radiohead-like-obsessed, so seats will hardly bother me. Probably should sleep then, yeah?
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[livejournal.com profile] naarmamo! You know you want to join it.

I went to the beach today. I got sunburned quite badly, but I had such a great day! Tomorrow I'll see The Dark Knight.

It's also exactly one month ago since I first saw Radiohead in concert. Still hasn't quite entered my brain yet. I have a good audio bootleg AND a video bootleg (ZOMGSQUEE!!) of both London dates and I actually start to remember the first night again as well. Before my brain just went into lockdown, cause it was a bit of unexpected!Radiohead and apparently that messes with my head a bit. But I keep remember more and more of how ridiculously awesome it was and how Dollars & Cents was the best thing in the whole wide universe EVER.
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Last year I saw Kings of Leon support Pearl Jam in Goffert Park. Kings of Leon bored me to no end, and they were only fun when Eddie Vedder came on to sing with them.

Currently I'm watching them on the Werchter livestream (I'm hoping they might show Sigur Rós and Radiohead later) and they are really good.

Maybe it just wasn't their day, last year?
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Do you know this thing that you are all panicked and think you are going to fail life and then suddenly, within 15 minutes, everything is solved and perfect?

*deep sigh of relief*

This afternoon I will fly to Florence and miss out on the rest of the World Championship! And I'm slowly starting to think that I know what I will be doing there (aka my 30+ minute presentation is slowly starting to take shape) ;)
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Okay, I need to make a list. There is still so much to do before monday that I'm afraid I will forget something important.

Needs to be done today:
- powerpoint Piero della Francesca
- essay Piero della Francesca
- mail MJB
- read Genesis
- start Otter walls

Needs to be done before Monday 12 am:
- read books Siena
- make hand-out Siena
- read book Conquest
- clean
- pack
- finish Otter walls
- make animation Otter
- make list objects Otter
- mail Fleur + Anne
- sleep

I think that's it.
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I'm turning in such a multi-tasker or a sport geek.

Currently I'm:
- listening to Sigur Ròs
- organizing and summarizing articles
- have the Amstel Gold Race on livestream
- have the Hendry/Allen match on livestream (seriously, all is good in the world when Stephen Hendry is playing well at Sheffield)
- have snooker livescore on (for the other match)
- have football livescore on (because PSV is rubbish and lacks the ability to win like a normal team would)

ETA: Okay, I clearly shouldn't have said that about Hendry :( And Allen's haircut is a bit... odd. But bonus points for trying. (Also, there is this one woman in the audience who looks a lot like Tatcher)
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I'm reading a scientific book in French and I actually understand it. I'm quite scared. Especially since French was easily my worst subject in highschool. Still, I'm at page 542 at the moment and only used my dictionary maybe three times! My old teacher would be so proud...

The other news is that I feel a bit like Bollo today. Cause "I've got a bad feeling about this" kinda sums up my mood (although I wish my mood would also specify what this "this" is)
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I'm going to see Portishead in a couple of hours and I'm terribly excited! I've liked them for a while, but never really thought I would see them for real.

Also, my face hurts. In such a way that it's rather painful to wear glasses. I'm totally in the dark WHY it hurts, though. I think I must have smashed it into my bed or something while I was asleep last night. I sleep like death these days and hear/notice nothing anymore. They need to wake me up forcefully in the morning or else I just won't notice. And I'm not even on any pills that can cause this. Silly problems.

Anyway, PORTISHEAD! How cool is that?!?
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'Eer aan God in de hoogste hemel
en vrede op aarde voor alle mensen die hij liefheeft.'
Lucas 2:14

Waarom is dat nou zo moeilijk te begrijpen?

Ik lees de Bijbel, in een leesbare vertaling, voor een cursus die ik volg.
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My Boosh DVDs haven't arrived yet, so I have absolutely no excuse to not finish all the things that need to be read, written or researched before tomorrow. Booh. :(

I do have the strange desire to do some drawing today. The odd thing is, that when NaArMaMo is on I really really enjoy making all those things (even when I panic without inspiration), but after August I just stop doing anything.

ETA: There is snooker on the telly! HURRAH for distractions!
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I really REALLY need to get on Blackboard, but it doesn't work. BOOH!

I have class from 9am til 7 pm every Thursday starting today. BOOH!

I am pretty close to a textbook example of somebody with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Apparently I need more light (I am not a bloody plant!). And then I will feel better. Or something like that. BOOH!

Tuesday was lots and lots of fun. I will have pics and vids either tonight or tomorrow, depending how far I can get with my assignments at this moment. YAY!

Classes are really fun. YAY!

My Mighty Boosh DVDs are already been shipped. YAY!

I want Murphy to win the Malta Cup. Because my theory is then that he will be rubbish to the Welsh Open and therefore won't reclaim the no. 1 spot. The Dutch commentator called him Smurphy yesterday on which I snorted in my tea.
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I've tried to get all relaxed this weekend and that partly worked out fine. Tomorrow uni starts again and I'm actually looking forward to it. *knocks on wood* Plus, there will be snooker for TWO weeks starting tomorrow (which is really rather silly. Why on Earth did they schedule two ranking tournaments right after each other? It really isn't that the calender is so full they couldn't have planned it otherwise!).

Yesterday I was ridiculously girly. I watched Pan's Labyrinth, which is an awesome movie but a bit scarier than I had anticipated. Later it was time for my long midnight shower, while my parents and all are asleep. Suddenly I heard something hitting the door and dude! Scared the hell out of me! Still don't know what it was. Probably shouldn't watch Pan's Labyrinth any more right before I have to do something in the dark ;)

Today I listened to some music, read a bit, changed my layout and celebrated my dad's 70th birthday! HURRAH! Congratulations, dad! It's old, though :(


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