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I have the most boring and brain numbing class today, WHILE THERE IS SNOOKER ON. And not "just" snooker, but Higgins vs. Holt and Hendry vs. Ding! WHYYYY!?!?!

I really don't like the class. The final assignment is amazing, and I really love working on that, but the class itself? URGH! The teacher is just horrid, he does things with chairs that I'm sure are forbidden in some countries, he keeps asking us things, doesn't get an answer and then says "well, you couldn't have known that anyway", and the list goes on.

As if today isn't already hard enough with Lost and a morning session of snooker!
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WTF! I really want to order that Beatles shirt, cause I think its awesome. So I go to the website mentioned in the article, go to the online store, select my country when I put down the details for the order and then it says that it can only deliver to the UK. WHY?????? How the hell am I going to get it then? :(
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I have to get this out of my system, so that I can continue happily with what I'm doing.

I'm seriously tired, but I'm still working on a presentation for tomorrow. I need to be in Amsterdam by 10 and then will have class till 5. Somewhere during that time I will have the presentation. But I'm so tired!

Also, my computer collapsed and now all the fonts are wonky and everything looks REALLY ugly and I have no idea how to change it back and it's eating my time away from preparing for tomorrow!

So. Maybe now I'll be able to finish things.

ETA: WOOT Done! Bed, here I come!
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I'm full of fail today. I have an exam tomorrow (+ need to have finished three assignments then) and Friday. I have a concept due on Friday as well, which is all finished in my head and a lots of work to make for real. I also have a study day on Friday, so not really time, cause you know: exam + study day + concept = *brain dead*

Snooker is also made of fail (seriously, Ron... why even bother? If Murphy is no.1 again because of this I'll be annoyed for days!).

And I just. can't. CONCENTRATE.


I just want to drop everything, go visit HP-B and discover the new whatevernewis and then watch the Boosh doc from Saturday that I still haven't seen cause time is made of fail as well.

So, to make a long story short: Me = fail.
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ARGH! I just discovered that the last couple of hours I wrote 19## in my notes instead of 16##. GRRRRR!

Dear Brain,

Fuck you!

No love,
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I will spent the entire Sunday on an excursion, and I'm really starting to get rather miffed about it. I have a busy schedule normally! I follow lots of classes, which require lots of reading, assignments, presentations and other fun. Therefore my weekend is holy. I never seem to be able to concentrate during the weekend, not even with a scary deadline looming. And now my Sunday is gone, because I have to go on an excursion AND do a presentation. And then it will be Monday again.

It didn't bother me much before, but today it just does. I deserve a bit of relaxing time, dammit!
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I really dislike Jack this series of Torchwood. What a tosser!

Also, I have to phone one of my teachers cause I was sick on tuesday and couldn't come. But I really dislike making phonecalls to anyone really, so URGH! Even better is the fact that I will be back home late today and even later tomorrow, so I probably won't really have time to call in the first place!
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Rodin Thinker Found After Dutch Heist

THE HAGUE, Jan. 22, 2007
—A Rodin Thinker, one of seven bronze statues stolen from the garden of the Singer Laren Museum near Amsterdam last week, was found badly damaged on Jan. 19, police said.

The statue, the only one of the seven yet to be recovered, will be returned to the museum as soon as it is allowed by the authorities conducting the investigation.

Dutch police arrested two men on Jan. 18 in connection with the theft of the statues a day earlier. The thieves smashed through the museum's garden fence with a vehicle Wednesday and ignored iron statues, indicating they may have been after the bronze for their value as metal.

The museum said the statues cannot be sold on the commercial art market as they are well documented. It did not disclose their value.

The museum is in the former home of late U.S. artist and steel heir William Singer.

Copyright 2007 Agence France-Presse

They only wanted to steal it because it was made out of bronze, and it's 90 kilogrammes would have been worth around €450,-. The statue, however, is insured for a price of €1,000,000.- and the last sold copy of the same statue was worth twice as much. And now this one is in a very bad state because of a lousy €450,-. His rightleg and leftarm have disappeared, his torso and head are covered in deep cuts and his head has turned around because of the heath of the idiots "work". It has lost all it's worth now, and I'm not speaking of it's money value, but of it's artistic value. People like that should be locked away.

Also, seriously... who DOESN'T know The Thinker by Rodin and could have vaguely assumed it was probably worth a little more than the bronze-price alone? At least then it would still be in one piece!


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