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Why on EARTH do they put Ebdon on in the evening? Cause I just assume that through the week that would be the time that most people will come and/or watch it in front of the telly. I'm reading it off a BBC page, but it sounds absolutely horrific. He drains life out of innocent people! He takes their will to live!

And I just saw Ronnie's blue ball. Ouch. (for the non obsessive snooker fans on my f-list: Ronnie played Sunday against Stephen Maguire (the guy he beat in the UK Championship final) and lost 5-6 (after a brilliant fight back from 1-4 down) because of a missed blue)
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The person doing the commentary on the BBC page about the Steve Davis vs Marco Fu match is annoying the hell out of me. I'm all for sarcasm. Sarcasm is a thing of beauty. My middle name is 'Sarcasm' (well, not really, but it should be!). I try to get as much sarcasm in daily life as is possible without getting annoying. And there's the thing: this dude's sarcasm IS annoying. Or worse: it's mainly abuse towards Steve Davis for being not very good. Steve Davis is WAY too likeable for being sarcastically abused EVEN WHEN HE'S RUBBISH (and he can't be *that* awful since it's still 2-4 for Fu, so not a whitewash or anything the like).

(I haven't finished yet. I finished 2 out of 3, but now lost the complete willpower to finish the third one (it's useless anyway, since I never have it finished in a GOOD way within two hours))
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Snooker! Right now! WEEEE!

I hope most of my favourites will still be in around Wednesday, cause from them on I will have a bit of time to watch. Tomorrow I have three awful deadlines and I'm not really close to finishing yet. As always. And really it's not all because I'm an awful planner (I am a bit, though). It's just so much, in such a small amount of time. Everybody would get fucked up about that.

Anyway. At least I'm able to concentrate at the moment (even with snooker on!) I found the perfect music mix to work with. It starts with two songs I'm currently deeply in love with: Dead and Lovely by Tom Waits (I love that man so much. His voice can touch my inner soul) and then comes Through the Roof 'n' Underground by Gogol Bordello (YAY Gypsy punk!). During those songs I'm allowed to do non-uni things, which most of the times turns out to be deeply in love with both songs and listening to them. Then follows the entire () album from Sigur Rós, during which I type like a maniac and have an average speed of 800-1,000 words during each listen. Which is good. Pretty close to perfect even :D

I will do catch up on everything probably on Tuesday late or Wednesday.
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YES! I'm not going to be in Florence while Radiohead is performing in the Netherlands! YES!

I will be there from April 28/29 til May 12. SOOO looking forward to it! :D

ETA: I just saw the draw for the Masters of this year. I'm VERY amused.

FIRST ROUND (best of 11 frames)

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Eng) v Stephen Maguire (Sco)
Stephen Hendry (Sco) v Mark Selby (Eng)
Ken Doherty (Ire) v Mark Williams (Wal)
Shaun Murphy (Eng) v Ali Carter (Eng)
Graeme Dott (Sco) v Stephen Lee (Eng)
Peter Ebdon (Eng) v Day/Hawkins
Neil Robertson (Aus) v Davis/Fu
John Higgins (Sco) v Ding Junhui (Chn)

I mean... most of these first round matches could be rather respectable finals as well :D


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