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I believe the words I'm looking for are "fuck you, snooker." So there.
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(will edit this post when the video is online)

Oh, Stephen Hendry. I love you so much. I want you to win this entire championship really rather badly now.

What a fantastic 147! And to make it even better: it was against Murphy!

How perfect is that??? ♥♥♥


Didn't talk about the snooker yesterday, but I thought it was rather marvellous. Stephen Maguire won rather easily (although I didn't watch any of that) and I really didn't care who won the Higgins/Cope (13-12, finally a final decider!) & Neil/Ali (13-8) matches, cause I love all players involved.

Right now there is a 50% chance that a player I like will win the title. YAY!

(although my absolute favourite who I didn't want to mention before lost yesterday: Ali Carter)
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I love Stephen Hendry. He played gorgeous. I hope he makes it really, really far.

Ryan Day, however, is being a wanker. How can you not allow Bond to win anything (yes, I know... its part of the game blah blah blah). Nigel Bond looks like the saddest person IN THE WORLD (and I keep thinking about [livejournal.com profile] jekesta's remark of him being some awesome leader for the youth)
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Dear Ronnie O'Sullivan & Mark Allen,

Really. The match has been nice so far, good breaks, etc. but would it physically hurt you guys to have one scrappy frame with awesome snookers, impossible pots, random kicks & lots of drama? Cause its turning into snoozeville at the moment.



I love Stephen Hendry v Ding's match. Maybe that's why the O'Sullivan/Allen one annoys me a bit. I WANT SOME PROPER DRAMA, DAMMIT!
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Snooker is strange today. I couldn't watch the afternoon session, but I had my parents all set to watch Higgins vs. Holt, cause it looked like it would be a great match. But Holt apparently did, what he always does aka loose his shit. Poor boy. I'm sure he could be really good, top 16, winning Things, but his head is just totally against him. He should have a chat with Ronnie sometimes.

Hendry vs. Ding however appears to have been amazing. 4-4! I wonder who will win this.

I love Jamie Burnett & Stephen Maguire.

Ronnie is being an idiot. What else is new...

ETA: WTF is Stephen doing with his cue ball?

ETA2: Ronnie is absolutely rubbish. Really, he should be relieved that the worst it can get is 3-5 at this point >:(

ETA3: I must confess that I'm really rather rubbish in the whole left and right thing. I never notice if anyone is left- or right-handed, unless somebody else points it out to me. However, the way Ronnie is currently switching hands while playing is really rather pretty. ♥ 4-4 means that Ronnie is one lucky bastard, though. Against a better man (sorry Allen) it would probably be a lot closer to 1-7/2-6

ETA4: Has Stephen lost the plot? Nevermind. He found it again ;)
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I have the most boring and brain numbing class today, WHILE THERE IS SNOOKER ON. And not "just" snooker, but Higgins vs. Holt and Hendry vs. Ding! WHYYYY!?!?!

I really don't like the class. The final assignment is amazing, and I really love working on that, but the class itself? URGH! The teacher is just horrid, he does things with chairs that I'm sure are forbidden in some countries, he keeps asking us things, doesn't get an answer and then says "well, you couldn't have known that anyway", and the list goes on.

As if today isn't already hard enough with Lost and a morning session of snooker!
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Stephen Hendry vs. Mark Williams (4-5)

Final session of the World Championship for one of them tonight. How the hell can that happen?

- Ah, Stephen makes me so sad, when he's all tiny & sad in his chair :(
- Seems to run of the balls is with Mark J.

Snooker is being painful to watch again.

- Oh, Stephen Hendry. You are so sweet! I loved how he first giggled a bit about the referee and Mark's cue-tip and then totally saved the day by suggesting to take a break early.

(meanwhile on the other table: GRAEME IS MAKING A COMEBACK! YES!)

- And Stephen levelled. Cause they clearly want to make this as devastating as possible
- OH GOD SNOOKER! I sort of want Mark to level again :(

Also, Stephen Fry loves snooker. Shouldn't be surprising, cause Stephen is awesome

- I barely dare to watch any more
- OH GOD STEPHEN HENDRY JUST WON (10-7). And the look on his face when he potted that last pink? And Mark?!? They clearly both need hugs. Lots of them.

(Come on, Graeme!)

(YAY GRAEME! He did his animal scream of joy. I'm so pleased he won his first match! Poor boy deserves some good fortune)
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Stephen Hendry plays Mark Williams in the first round. There clearly is no fairness in the world.

Also, livescoring at Globalsnooker sucks ever since they 'modernized' the website. WHY? I liked it old, wanky looking and working. Instead of this ugly, static, way too slow new version >:(

- Hendry is on a 147! This clearly means that it's going to happen at some point this tournament, right?

- I can't believe it's 4-5! It should be 9-9 and then someone will jump up and tell us that they are both through to the next round. Yes.
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As for the snooker:

Ronnie, Matthew AND Dott all won! Plus, Mark J & Hendry are in the lead! YES!

And I just realized that the final is on my birthday. As long as it's not a Smurf/Ebdon final it's going to be great :D


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