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Just to be sure: if somebody spoils Doctor Who for me I will be very annoyed. Won't be able to see it until very late/early morning.
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Behind the cut Doctor Who casting spoiler that everybody probably knows (or hopes), but anyway...

Doctor Who )
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This is not an April Fools joke (promise!), but really the trailer for the upcoming NEW Doctor Who! YAAAY!

That looks amazing.

Doctor Who )
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Also, Franz Ferdinand together with David Tennant? YES PLEASE!

(I'm going to spam today, I can feel it my bones)
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I shall not get involved in Doctor Who!Wank. I shall not get involved in Doctor Who! Wank. I shall not...

One thing though: WHY are so many people being a bitch about Seven all of a sudden as well? I LOVE Seven! He's amazing, and fun, and has great clothes, and a great spark, plus ACE travelled with him! What's not to like?

(I'm in such a bitchy mood today :/)
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I can't believe lots of people don't like 11 because of his haircut and/or general look.

WTF, people? So, because the Doctor is "ugly", the show is going to suck?
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I am refreshing my f-list like a maniac to find out who the next Doctor is going to be.

Life? What do you mean???

ETA: He's 26? What the hell? That's a bit young, isn't it?

ETA2: Anyone on my f-list who wants this behind a cut? Cause now it's still the time to say so Too late, sorry :(

ETA3: Who else thinks Matt Smith? This really means I have to see History Boys now, doesn't it? Oh wait, he wasn't in the movie one. Still have to see it, though ;)

ETA4: "11 looks old, but is young"? WTF?

ETA5: And it's Matt Smith. He looks a bit young, but I really like that he's unknown and hasn't done much in television (plus, it will be easy to catch up on everything he's done ;)). He seems a bit young, though, but I'm not going to moan about this casting yet. I want to see him moving and talking and acting like the Doctor before I'll have an opinion on this.

ETA6: Oh God... are we now going to get a gazillion 11=Matt Smith posts in every Who related community? The answer is going to be yes, isn't it? For fucks sake people! If it's your personal journal by all means post, but if it's already in the community: DON'T ADD THE SAME DAMN THING.

ETA7: I can't be the only one amused with the fact that there will be yet another "Smith" in the TARDIS, right?

ETA8: Not gonna lie, this is a good picture:

ETA8: made an icon for those who want it. Credit is nice :)
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So, we all know by now that tomorrow the 11th Doctor will be announced. What about a useless poll, f-list?

[Poll #1324235]

Somebody said somewhere about the promo-pic of the new Jonathan Creek (still haven't seen it) that Alan Davies looked like the Doctor and then somebody mentioned that then Stephen Fry should be the Master and that is such an amazing idea that I want it to happen! And how cool would Eddie Izzard be as the Doctor? Seriously.

ETA: I've just officially made a folder on my computer called 'The 11th Doctor' *g*
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Merlin )

And because I have the backbone of an Amoeba, I watched the Doctor Who bit as well *facepalm*

Doctor Who )
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Just to be sure: that Doctor Who thing on Children in Need is simply the beginning of the Christmas episode, right and not something new? Cause I won't watch it if it's the first couple of minutes of the special. Not that I will probably stay un-spoiled, but anyway...

Okkervil River was amazing.
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I'm amused that my f-list is filled with ZOMGDAVIDTENNANT!!! woe. 'Cause even though I really like David Tennant (really really like) as the Doctor it is hardly a surprise is it? It makes sense from his point of view and from the point of view of the series. It would be a bit odd if one Doctor would suddenly stay for a really long time.

Anyway. I'll probably start moaning when they tell us who 11 is going to be ;) (although wouldn't it be AWESOME if it was one of these men: Stephen Fry, Julian Barratt or David Morrissey?)

Keane yesterday was fantastic. Best gig I've seen of them yet! I will have a post full of squee tomorrow, cause right now I'm too tired and busy to sort through all my pics :)
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Why my parents are the sweetest, reason #155,987

Me: bitch, bitch, moan, moan, won't be able to see Doctor Who until very late due to football, bitch, bitch, moan, moan
Dad: well, then I turn your download on already.

(he barely knows how to turn on a computer).

HOW SWEET IS THAT? Geekdom clearly runs in the family
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Today is going to be so weird.

I'm nervous because of football. Seriously, Guus his team is really good. I will watch it with beer and friends, so hopefully I will not be too devastated when we loose (I will be).

And then there is Doctor Who. That looks absolutely AWESOME. Please don't spoil me! I have only seen the preview last week and some of the pics of the Radio Times and that big one of the finale. That's it. I really don't want to know more either, until I've seen it somewhere tonight. SO EXCITED!
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I had my first Doctor Who dream ever last night. It had a bit of the preview from the next episode in it, and it also featured Jack being all heroic and Jack-ish and lots of Donna and Rose love.

And now I'm SO in the mood to watch lots and lots of old school Who. I think I'm going to dig up the first episode that stars Sarah Jane. I've never seen that one and it seems like a good place to start. Cause you don't really have to start watching the first episode of the first Doctor to have it all make sense, right?
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As if I wasn't excited enough for the Doctor Who final

Spoilers obviously )


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