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Ronnie has lost it, hasn't he? But I really like Rory as well. HE'S SO CUTE.

Also, dear f-list, which part of 'please don't spoil Merlin for me' did you not understand? Seriously. I DON'T HAVE THE BBC, PEOPLE! *grumble, grumble*
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Oh man, tonight is the last Merlin episode and I'm a bit scared it will all end in the Cliffhanger of DOOM. I haven't been this into a tv-series, since Doctor Who.


please don't spoil me
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I had no idea that Much is actually a real character in the Robin Hood legend. I thought he was just a Samwise Gamgee-like character to Robin Hood in the new BBC series. I found his name in The Once And Future King that I'm currently reading, cause Merlin made me realize that I have forgotten an awful lot about the Arthur legend.

Which brings me to this question: does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to Arthurian related books (or maybe movies/tv)? You can see this as broad as you like, so also books about that one knight that is only mentioned once in the original legend. Anything, really as long as it's good.

(And if anyone knows a good book about the real Robin Hood legend I'd love to know as well.)
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Merlin )

And because I have the backbone of an Amoeba, I watched the Doctor Who bit as well *facepalm*

Doctor Who )
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I intend to write reviews about Merlin, but really the only thing I can think of to say is how much I just LOVE it all. I love all characters, I ship everyone with everyone, they are all pretty, it all looks pretty, the music is stunning and how cute is Merlin? Seriously! And it makes me want to read everything vaguely related to the original King Arthur legend.

And this episode? SO MUCH LOVE.

ETA: okay, maybe one thing then )
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I'm seeing Keane tomorrow! I'm so excited! :D

I've also watched some Robin Hood. It helps to keep motivated with my current research. Anyway. It's nice. Not nearly as much fun as Merlin and not nearly as pretty either, but nice. And I really, really like Much. He's adorable. I think my biggest criticism is that Robin is such a flat character (for now), who always repeats himself. And some of the other characters just occasionally bug me (the sheriff for instance. Most of the time he is deliciously evil and sometimes he's just annoying). But I've started to like some characters a lot, so I guess I have to continue watching to see what happens to them ;)
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So, yesterday evening I started to watch Merlin. I've now seen until episode 4 and will probably watch the rest somewhere today. I just LOVE it. Seriously, all the characters are fun, it looks gorgeous, the music is fantastic (there is going to be a soundtrack, right?), the storylines are nice and it has knights and magic and dragons and all things great. What's not to like?

Is Robin Hood like this as well? You know, fun, pretty and exciting? Cause then I really must watch that soon as well.


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