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Damn Torchwood for making me like it again this season. I think this finale just broke me. The BBC is clearly only there to break hearts, no matter what they do.

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So basically, this weekend is going to be filled with geekness.

Season finale of Torchwood
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross with an interview with David Tennant AND a performance from Radiohead!

NEW DOCTOR WHO!!! Not that I'm obsessed or anything (seriously... we had to read the book Jona for class, and I kept reading Tardis instead of Tarsis. Very annoying!).

I'm curious how Torchwood is going to end as well (please, don't spoil me!). This season has been much MUCH better than the first, and I will actually be sad to see it end now, even when it went a bit downhill half-way through and I kinda dislike Jack and Gwen now. Still curious :)
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I really dislike Jack this series of Torchwood. What a tosser!

Also, I have to phone one of my teachers cause I was sick on tuesday and couldn't come. But I really dislike making phonecalls to anyone really, so URGH! Even better is the fact that I will be back home late today and even later tomorrow, so I probably won't really have time to call in the first place!
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You know... a 9am til 7pm uni-day is a bit long. I feel like my brain is about to leak out of my ears any second now. Plus, there is snooker on and Ronnie is playing and I want to see it. Murphy has destroyed my theory of 'having won one tournament you will be out in the first round on the one after that'. BOOH HIM!

And I'm ridiculously curious about Torchwood. So far it has been rather good (I KNOW!), but I'm slowly getting awfully behind. I'm also behind on LOST (already!) and haven't seen Ashes To Ashes yet (I'm a bit scared to watch that one, though). On the bright side: I have been reading Vasari and he amuses me to no end! They way he keeps trying to 'subtle' tell how awesome he in fact is for writing this book and oh dear how it cost him so much for us, dear reader. He's awesome!
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually really enjoyed

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