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I have the most boring and brain numbing class today, WHILE THERE IS SNOOKER ON. And not "just" snooker, but Higgins vs. Holt and Hendry vs. Ding! WHYYYY!?!?!

I really don't like the class. The final assignment is amazing, and I really love working on that, but the class itself? URGH! The teacher is just horrid, he does things with chairs that I'm sure are forbidden in some countries, he keeps asking us things, doesn't get an answer and then says "well, you couldn't have known that anyway", and the list goes on.

As if today isn't already hard enough with Lost and a morning session of snooker!
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So, this new series Caprica... can I watch that without being a) spoiled senseless for Battlestar Galactica (I know it takes place 50 years before, but I figured I'd better make sure), and b) needing all the background knowledge of 4 seasons BSG? Cause I've just started watching Battlestar and am at the beginning of season 1. I LOVE it, and therefore I really don't want to be spoiled about anything. (This also makes me stay away from everything BC fandom related. I don't even dare to look for icons, cause I'm sure I will get spoiled that way).

Anyway. So, does anyone know this?

(I just went to the uni library thinking they had books I actually could use, but they all turn out to be useless for my research. Booh!)
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The workshop on Friday about "How to make 17th century paint and paintings was absolutely amazing! We made our own paint and learned how the painters worked. We even tried it ourselves, with a little detail of a much larger painting (I can't find a pic of the original at the moment). This is mine:

I rather like it, actually. But I definitely have a new and much bigger respect for painters. I was dressed like a Rembrandt when I came back, more like some very modern artwork or a Pollock ;)
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Tomorrow I will follow a workshop 'how to make 17th century paint & paintings'. I'm clumsy as hell so I probably come back dressed as a Rembrandt.
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I just wrote a 1,000 word essay and made a diagram to go with it and I didn't even have tea yet! WTH, self?
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Dear self,

PLEASE focus! You are still around 4,000 words of the limit of a paper that needs to be done by Thursday, 11am. Do I really need to remind you that you have class from 9 til 4 tomorrow and a gig in the evening to attend? Seriously. FOCUS.

No love,
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So. I haven't slept properly in days, am seriously tired, have a presentation later today (I know what to say, only my powerpoint isn't read yet it's done!) and two looming deadlines that freak me out.

However, I will have dinner with [livejournal.com profile] ilovesamwise tonight and I will going to a gig of the Rascals with the adorable Miles Kane.

So clearly it all balances out, right?
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So, because I have lots of papers left to type out I figure I organize things a bit. Hopefully I have the first two finished before December 8.

Huygens paper, hopefully finished this sunday night, real deadline unknown, but soon:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
332 / 3,500

Newsprint paper, hopefully finished before December 8, real deadline December 11:
Zokutou word meter
0 / 5,000

Pieter Codde paper, real deadline January 12:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
791 / 8,000
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Well, it's been a while since I mentioned the many ways in which I deeply detest subscribing the uni-things.

WHY does it have to be so hard? WHY does the bloody site ALWAYS crash? LEARN ABOUT PAST MISTAKES, UNI!
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Tonight I will be seeing Okkervil River. I'm really looking forward to that: I've been wanting to see them for ages!

I'm slowly developing a backlog on everything. I still have to write reviews from the Keane gig and the Elbow gig I went to last Sunday, plus I have to upload pictures from my camera and this should all be done before Monday evening cause then I will be seeing God Sigur Ròs and OH MY GOD I'm SOOOO looking forward to that.

Before the end of this month I have to finish a two papers (one 3,500 words, the other 5,000. Current count 0 for both), read 4 books, make two presentations, write an essay (2/3 pages) and I would like to not get behind on my tv watching off Supernatural and Merlin, cause those I'm the only shows I'm not behind currently. Can't say the same for Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Lost!, Sarah Jane Adventures and Little Dorrit. BOOH!

Either way. I'm behind on everything. But I'll be seeing Okkervil River tonight and go on a drink/tv and/or movie watch night with [livejournal.com profile] ilovesamwise tomorrow, so live is good. Remind me of this at the end of the month, yeah?
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Now it's time for a little (art)history! Click the pics for slightly bigger ones. Sorry for the .png files, but I'm at uni and can't change that until I'm at home again much later today.


This is the first image of New YorkAmsterdam.

Looks a bit depressing, huh? But this is how it really looked like, drawn from a ship in 1647.

continued after the cut )
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My skin is being horrid and I have to read a poem outloud that I have translated from a 17th century one to a group of people tomorrow and to top it all off I have to be interesting and factial for five long minutes after that and OH GOD.

I want it to be tomorrow night. Really badly.
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The last couple of weeks I've had a rather evil throat infection that made me really ill. The doctor's first thought it might be whooping cough, but thank God that wasn't it since that's contagious and it would have been horrid since I'm in the middle of three rather big research projects that force me to go out often. Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel human again, so I figured it's time to post about the fun things this month has brought me so far.


The seats were a lot better than I feared (even though you can't really tell by the pic, but I really like this one so whatever). Coldplay was fantastic. They played all my favourites from Viva La Vida, plus parts of Trouble and Amsterdam, so I was a happy bunny. The way those guys play with the audience is just fantastic. I must say that Album!Coldplay < Live!Coldplay.


The day after Coldplay in the early morning (I was home at around 2 the night before) I graduated. Now I'm a Bachelor of Arts, what a stupid title is that?

De Kift

No pictures, but I went to see the Dutch band De Kift. I love them SO MUCH. They are from my hometown, but rather known in the alternative circuit of the Netherlands. They are good enough to do a special project this year where they will cover a song by bands like Franz Ferdinand and Calexico, while they cover a song by De Kift in return. Watch the video. Seriously. Their lyrics make me so happy.

Tonight I will go and see The Last Shadow Puppets. Really looking forward to that :)
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The Mighty Book of Boosh arrived! YAY! It's ridiculously pretty. I just know it will continue distracting me for quite a while.

I also will officially be an art historian at the end of October 3rd. Who would have thought...
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Today = not a very good day. And it's only just past 9 in the morning.

ETA: Finally I'm a normal member again at HP-B (looooove my new username). So this means they are really back this time? I'm impressed.
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I really want to read the biography of Salvador Dali. I also would really like to read The Historian, get my hands on something Oscar Wilde and read that shiny new book on WWI I recently bought.

Instead I have to read 100 badly written pages of Amsterdam in the Golden Age (while I own a shiny book on the same subject that I love way more than I should. I would recommend it to everyone, who is the slightest bit interested (it's by Maarten Prak and translated in English)), plus the autobiography of Constantijn Huygens, which is just wanktastic.

To make a long story short: I can't concentrate on the things I should read and keep getting distracted by the things I shouldn't. Argh!
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So, I hate everything that has anything to do with uni, right? And I don't mean the classes. Last uni year made me realize just how much I love the classes. It's just the complicated, stupid and awful organisation bullshit around it.

I really hate mailing or phoning them when something has gone wrong, and something ALWAYS goes wrong. And now this morning I finally got it together and mailed first the wrong people and then the right people and after that I was terrified to look at my mail for the entire day. Silly, huh? I know it's silly and stupid and immature and yet: I still do it EVERYTIME.

But I just bravely looked. I was listening to the Beatles so I figured I could give it a try.

Their reply?

Oh, yeah. We checked and now you are registered and we send you the stuff you need asap.


Anyway, big sigh of relief here. Even though I won't be able to sign the damn papers until I'm back from holiday.
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I haven't got a bad mark this last semester!!! The last one I was a bit worried about turned out to be good as well! I also earned 115 points in one year, while you normally earn 180 in three years.

Me = nerd.
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I am THIS close to finishing my thesis, but now I just lack concentration. And I'm so fucking sleepy! The whole sleep thing has been lacking a bit these last couple of weeks, cause there just isn't enough time in the day for me to finish everything. And it starts to really bother me now. Which is double annoying cause I'm determined to be all YAY and jumpy tomorrow during the Euro 2008 match between France and the Netherlands and the cracktastistic Bon Jovi gig that I will attend after that.

Bitch, bitch, moan, moan.

It's clearly time for another energy drink (I'm so addicted!).


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