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I still really like our team. Even when we lost. Cause we were really good, until we played Russia.

And please dearest beautiful gorgeous Van der Sar: please don't stop playing!
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Today is going to be so weird.

I'm nervous because of football. Seriously, Guus his team is really good. I will watch it with beer and friends, so hopefully I will not be too devastated when we loose (I will be).

And then there is Doctor Who. That looks absolutely AWESOME. Please don't spoil me! I have only seen the preview last week and some of the pics of the Radio Times and that big one of the finale. That's it. I really don't want to know more either, until I've seen it somewhere tonight. SO EXCITED!
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OMG! That Turkey/Croatia match was insane. I have a very odd theory that the Turks are going to win Euro 2008 this year and so far my theory is still true. Should be interesting to see how their luck holds up against the notorious lucky bastards, Germany.
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I don't care I LIE if they win, but cutest team ever. Seriously.
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OMG Turkey! 2-0 behind and then suddenly, in 15 minutes, winning with 3-2!

(Thesis is almost done!)
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OMG GUYS! The Dutch team WON with 3-0 from the World Champion Italy. And they played really, really well. And they truly deserved to win! I feel like I'm in some parallel world now.

And I only have a sad Dutch supporting icon, cause I figured that our team was going to FAIL like a fool. How wrong I was...
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So. Euro 2008. I told myself not to care this time, cause the Dutch would be rubbish, but yeah... And it's Van Der Sar's last year, and considering he's the only Dutch player I still care about I must support. I hope they don't make him cry again, like they did during the world championship.

Anyway. Italy. As in: World Champion. As in: Group of DOOM. I'm sadly enough really looking forward to it. Cause I'm delusional, clearly and I just need yet another reason to be distracted from Important Work.
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Bon Jovi past concert aan voor EK-wedstrijd

AMSTERDAM - Bon Jovi past zijn concert op 13 juni in de Amsterdam Arena zodanig aan dat de fans niets hoeven te missen van de EK-wedstrijd Nederland-Frankrijk.

"Kom naar het concert en dan kijken we samen op een groot scherm live de voetbalwedstrijd en daarna gaan we los," vertelde zanger Jon Bon Jovi dinsdag in een videoboodschap aan RTL Boulevard.


Dat wordt vast hilarisch!
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So the Dutch football team is playing Croatia tonight and I want them to loose, badly. Because I can't (nor want) to watch it, I'm sort of following it through the betandwin website, since they have some sort of livescore thing going on.

I'm a bit confused, though.

You can bet on how many goals are going to be made between the 60.01th minute and the 75th. You can bet on more or less than 0.5 goals. Erhm, what?!?



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