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Grammys are lame, aren't they?

Also, why does the news mention that Lil Wayne has 8 nominations, Coldplay 7 (WTF? Their album really wasn't that good), Kayne West/Ne-Yo(Who??)/Jay-z have 6 and then forget to mention that Radiohead has SEVEN (plus bonus!Jonny Greenwood) nominations as well? WTF, news? Isn't Radiohead "cool" enough for them?

Also, I have a ticket for Coldplay in September next year. Because I'm an idiot (and they are really good live).
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Coldplay is coming back to the Netherlands in September 2009. It's an open air concert this time, and I really want to go.

But the sale starts Wednesday evening (when I'm nowhere near a computer) and I'm rather desperately broke. Plus, it's €59,- + transaction.


Maybe I should rationalize? I've seen them already and they are not one of my ZOMG!!11! bands. However, they are really really good live :(

Also, I'm stressed, have too many deadlines, there are not enough hours in a day, my skin is reaction badly because of something unknown and I'm just in a bit of a negative mind set today.
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The last couple of weeks I've had a rather evil throat infection that made me really ill. The doctor's first thought it might be whooping cough, but thank God that wasn't it since that's contagious and it would have been horrid since I'm in the middle of three rather big research projects that force me to go out often. Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel human again, so I figured it's time to post about the fun things this month has brought me so far.


The seats were a lot better than I feared (even though you can't really tell by the pic, but I really like this one so whatever). Coldplay was fantastic. They played all my favourites from Viva La Vida, plus parts of Trouble and Amsterdam, so I was a happy bunny. The way those guys play with the audience is just fantastic. I must say that Album!Coldplay < Live!Coldplay.


The day after Coldplay in the early morning (I was home at around 2 the night before) I graduated. Now I'm a Bachelor of Arts, what a stupid title is that?

De Kift

No pictures, but I went to see the Dutch band De Kift. I love them SO MUCH. They are from my hometown, but rather known in the alternative circuit of the Netherlands. They are good enough to do a special project this year where they will cover a song by bands like Franz Ferdinand and Calexico, while they cover a song by De Kift in return. Watch the video. Seriously. Their lyrics make me so happy.

Tonight I will go and see The Last Shadow Puppets. Really looking forward to that :)
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I lost the ability to sleep. That should have all my alarm bells going off, cause mostly I end up getting seriously down as well when this happens. The thing is, this mostly happens in November, December and/or January. Not when it's barely October, damnit!

Tomorrow I'll be seeing Coldplay. I'll probably be closer to the moon than to the Coldplay boys, but who cares, really? Always wanted to see them, and am not Radiohead-like-obsessed, so seats will hardly bother me. Probably should sleep then, yeah?


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