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You guys, this just made me cry like a baby: Ringo Star AND Paul McCartney sharing a stage and singing together ♥♥♥♥

I hope this whole thing will appear online and damn awesome quality at some point
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] morganmuffle for helping me to get it! It's so pretty! I've had it for a couple of days now, but life has been too hectic to squee about it until now :D

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The Beatles are communicating with me through the powers of Winamp.

I'm really tired and was contemplating going to bed early, while listening to The Beatles.

Next song on playlist? Good Night. So I snicker and decide to skip it, cause you know: No use of making me even more want to go to sleep. Next song?

I'm So Tired.

They are clearly hinting at something ;)
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WTF! I really want to order that Beatles shirt, cause I think its awesome. So I go to the website mentioned in the article, go to the online store, select my country when I put down the details for the order and then it says that it can only deliver to the UK. WHY?????? How the hell am I going to get it then? :(
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I hate that two Beatles deaths are so close to one another. It probably isn't really helping that I've been listening to the Beatles a lot lately.

"If art were to redeem man, it could do so only by saving him from the seriousness of life and restoring him to an unexpected boyishness." - John Lennon, 1968

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George Harrison died 7 years ago today. I've been seriously into the Beatles again these days, and it just makes me so sad. He was always my favourite Beatle and not (only) because he was so pretty. I really like a lot of his solo stuff as well.

Give me love
Give me love
Give me peace on earth

Give me light
Give me life
Keep me free from burden

Give me hope
Help me cope
With this heavy load
Trying to touch you, reach you
With heart and soul

My love
Please take holf of my hand
That I might understand you
Won´t you please oh
Won´t you

memorial comics in the papers at the time )
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Beatles hits reveal how music helps recall vivid memories

Memories of the Beatles collected from around the world have helped scientists to understand how music can help us to tap into long forgotten events.

In the biggest online survey of personal memories ever conducted, more than 3,000 people recounted their most vivid memories relating to the 1960s pop band.

Participants ranged in age from 17 to 87 spanning 69 different nationalities in the six months study.

The aim was to see how Beatles associations shed light on the psychological effect of autobiographical memory.

'Autobiographical memory is essential for our sense of self,' said researcher Dr Catriona Morrison, from the University of Leeds.

Most respondents were 'silver surfers' between the ages of 55 and 65 who would have been in their teens during the Beatles hey day in the 1960s.

The memories showed an expected 'reminiscence bump' - a time in life which is remembered especially vividly and often coincides with the teenage years.

In the case of Beatles memories, the bump occurred somewhat earlier than usual, the scientists found.

'What's interesting is that the majority of memories cluster in the early teenage years,' said Dr Morrison, who will outline the research at the British Association Festival of Science at the University of Liverpool.

'The early teenage years are the years during which you are making your musical decisions. By the age of about 14 most people have made up their mind, and that's the age when music makes the most powerful impression on us.'

The Beatles song that generated the most memory associations was 'She Loves You', the biggest selling single of the 1960s.

Although 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' sparked off the most memories for Americans.

However the researchers were struck by the similarity of moods, feelings, scenes and situations relayed by Beatles memories around the world.

'We were so impressed with how vividly people could recall memories, sometimes from more than 40 years ago, especially when many eloquent and vivid memories appeared to have been little recalled in decades,' said Dr Morrison.

'This shows the power of music in shaping and reliving sometimes long-neglected memories.'

With the exception of John Lennon's murder, memories were on the whole overwhelmingly positive.

Dr Morrison added: 'We argue that music is more than auditory cheesecake. It's a means by which people can account for themselves both as an individual and as part of society.'

Colleague Professor Martin Conway said it was possible that happy memories of the Beatles could be used therapeutically to help people suffering from depression.


This doesn't surprise me at all. The Beatles have never failed to cheer me up, even when I feel particularly down. That's why I love them so much.
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Also I feel like SPAMming, how pretty is Dhani Harrison? He looks so much like his dad!

Moar I want basically all the clothes in that shoot (unless it's real fur, in which case I want it remade in fake stuff)
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Vinyl > everything else.

Seriously. The Beatles on vinyl is one big eargasm.

ETA: Also, Viggo/Cate pictures from the Oscars make me ridiculously happy. I miss the good ol' LotR days, where they were all so adorable together.


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