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Stephen Hendry vs. Mark Williams (4-5)

Final session of the World Championship for one of them tonight. How the hell can that happen?

- Ah, Stephen makes me so sad, when he's all tiny & sad in his chair :(
- Seems to run of the balls is with Mark J.

Snooker is being painful to watch again.

- Oh, Stephen Hendry. You are so sweet! I loved how he first giggled a bit about the referee and Mark's cue-tip and then totally saved the day by suggesting to take a break early.

(meanwhile on the other table: GRAEME IS MAKING A COMEBACK! YES!)

- And Stephen levelled. Cause they clearly want to make this as devastating as possible
- OH GOD SNOOKER! I sort of want Mark to level again :(

Also, Stephen Fry loves snooker. Shouldn't be surprising, cause Stephen is awesome

- I barely dare to watch any more
- OH GOD STEPHEN HENDRY JUST WON (10-7). And the look on his face when he potted that last pink? And Mark?!? They clearly both need hugs. Lots of them.

(Come on, Graeme!)

(YAY GRAEME! He did his animal scream of joy. I'm so pleased he won his first match! Poor boy deserves some good fortune)
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QI has got Stephen Fry, Alan Davis, David Mitchell AND Emma Thompson IN ONE ROOM TOGETHER. And Emma is talking about Her Awesome Friendship with Stephen and Hugh! And they are all Being Awesome! They should just do stuff together all the time.

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This was put on the door downstairs that leads to our cycle shed. Two bikes have been stolen (and found back in the bushes nearby) the last couple of weeks:

It says
“Entrance only allowed for residents.
So not for stealing assholes.”

As if that helps.

Bonus!Stephen Fry: who is innocent, but adorable )
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So, we all know by now that tomorrow the 11th Doctor will be announced. What about a useless poll, f-list?

[Poll #1324235]

Somebody said somewhere about the promo-pic of the new Jonathan Creek (still haven't seen it) that Alan Davies looked like the Doctor and then somebody mentioned that then Stephen Fry should be the Master and that is such an amazing idea that I want it to happen! And how cool would Eddie Izzard be as the Doctor? Seriously.

ETA: I've just officially made a folder on my computer called 'The 11th Doctor' *g*
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How sweet is that?
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Stephen Fry declared today "Oscar Wilde Day", so I'm going to share my three favourite Oscar Wilde 'things'.

"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

The Picture of Dorian Gray
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Sigur Rós! TONIGHT!!!

Excitement doesn't begin to cover it. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Also, this:

Hi, Paulien [Lien].

Stephen Fry (stephenfry) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Shouldn't make me as squee-full as it does, right? XD
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I'm on twitter now as well.

I don't really now what the point of this is, but either way. I'm gonna use it to keep up with Stephen Fry's doing mostly, cause he is lovable.

And don't worry: I'm not going to connect it to my journal so that you get daily twitters. I find those really annoying (yes, I know there is a code to hide them, but frankly I can't be bothered to find out how/where I should add that code. And it really isn't that much trouble to just scroll past those posts ;))

In other news: WALL-E is the cutest thing ever!
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BMI Body Mass Index. Something horrid made up by doctors to make me feel ashamed.


Oh, Stephen Fry. I love you more than I should. ♥


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