Jan. 7th, 2009

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Reason #387,892,918 why Radiohead is The Best Thing Ever:

Their drummer Phil can sing and play guitar and sound like Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine!

If this song isn't on the 7 Worlds Collide album there is going to be a pandemonium. Just sayin'.
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And then I fell in love with The Big Bang Theory. Cause I clearly need another show to watch. Sheldon is adorable! I need icons!

I also had a really weird dream. It involved (wait for it!) Gordon Ramsay, mountains and... Badgers!

Apparently I was a contestant on Hells Kitchen (I've only ever seen one episode of that show and didn't like it) and I was the boss of one of the kitchens and I have really clear memories about all the things that needed to happen in the kitchen and how Gordon was looming at us from the background and how it all went really well. Customers were really pleased. Then there was a final test between me and the boss of the other kitchen and I was first to go. This test took place in the kitchen of one of my very good friends, Sabine, who had badgers in her garden that was so big that it also had a seriously high mountain in it. I was too late finished with my test and Gordon was bitching and I was trying to explain that it was because I fail at chopping stuff to pieces (which is totally true in real life). Either way, Gordon was going to announce which cheff would have to leave the program after we had done some wind surfing from the mountain. WTF? Then I woke up (dammit! I wanted to know if I was till in!)

Still, any dream with Gordon Ramsay and badgers can't be that bad, right?


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